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Mammy & Daughter Styling – Exploring the Muddy Welsh Mountains

26th May 2017
mummy & daughter muddy outfits

Me and my daughter, Aria, LOVE twinning, well I do, she’s two and can’t yet argue back so I just make the most of that. I have wanted a pair of Hunter wellies for as long as I can remember, so, for my birthday this year I decided to make my Hunter wellies a reality, and also buy a matching pair for my toddler.

mummy & daughter muddy outfits

Obviously I couldn’t just stop at matching yellow wellies, oh no, I had to take it a step further and buy matching yellow raincoats too. I’ve been lusting after the Regatta Bayeur for quite a while now so just had to snap it up when I saw it reduced to £35, it would have been rude not to right? Aria’s Peppa raincoat doesn’t appear to be available in yellow anymore, but it is available in a few other colours.

yellow regatta bayeur blog review

The Hunter wellies weren’t cheap, they were never going to be, but I did buy them direct from their website and signed up to their newsletter beforehand to receive a small discount and they came with free postage – silver lining.

mother & daughter matching wellies and yellow coats

I am so glad that I finally gave into the temptation and bought some Hunters after lusting after them for so long, it isn’t like my feet are going to grow and so they should last me for years to come, Aria’s may have been an unnecessary splurge but they are very cute and very bright, plus her feet take ages to grow, so kind of justified, right?

toddler girl yellow peppa pig raincoat

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