Meet The Welsh Bloggers – Ant Couture

26th September 2016

Several years ago I decided to set up a facebook group for South Wales Bloggers, through running this group I have discovered that there is a huge bunch of unique and talented bloggers in South Wales. I have decided to show case some of this talent in a new weekly series, meet the Welsh Bloggers. The very first blogger to appear in my series is one of my personal favourites, Ant Couture, I am lucky enough to have met Anthony and shared several laughs with him, you can’t not laugh when you are in his company, he really is a lovely and genuine guy.

meet the Welsh bloggers series - featuring Ant Couture

Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself and your blog?
Hi Leanne! Well, where do I start? I’m Anthony and I live in South Wales with my fiancé Blake. I work as a retail make up artist and I absolutely adore my two Chihuahua’s (Sasha Fierce and Leo Vuitton). I absolutely love social media such as Facebook and Instagram and my blog is literally just an extension of that, I blog about beauty (of course) life style and the occasional fashion post.

What do you love most about living in Wales?
I love that Wales is this cute island with lots of scenery but if I have to pick just one thing, it’s most definitely the people! People in Wales are so friendly and down to earth, I think it sets us apart of many other cities.

What, if anything, is your least favourite thing about living in Wales?
That’s definitely a good question gorge! I could definitely do with a bit more sun but you can’t complain as if we were a really hot country then we wouldn’t have all this such beautiful greenery.

What made you decide to start a blog?
Well Leanne, as you know I first met you when I worked for a previous make up brand and I remember meeting all you lovely bloggers at an event and then after wanting a slice (pardon the pun) of the Internet blogging world myself. I must admit I was really nervous to meet all you guys at first as I had only known of bloggers like Perez Hilton so I was expecting to meet a load of gossip queens but that’s wasn’t the case at all – everyone were very kind and also gentle to me as I was so nervous meeting them. I love that I’ve had so much support from the South Wales blogging community since setting up my own blog too and like I said, it’s the perfect extension to my social media – I’ve got more creative freedom to express myself through blogging.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

Blogging is my hobby and the most rewarding factor is when people give me such positive feedback, that then encourages me to write even more.

Do you have any favourite Welsh bloggers?
Yes absolutely and actually, on my blog I have a special page where I recommend all my top faves; yourself, Sindyydoll and the CSI girls are just a few I love reading.

Now we’ve come to the end of this question session, thank you so for having me Leanne on your blog and I have a final question for yourself babes, which Spice Girl was your fave and why?

Thanks for taking part Ant! I love the Spice Girls and picking just one is really hard! I used to do the Spice Girls dance routines with my sister and cousins when we were younger, I was always picked to be Ginger Spice as I had bleach blonde streaks at the front of my hair like her (cringe!) but I really wanted to be Baby Spice, so I guess Emma is my fave! 
If you enjoyed reading this be sure to visit Anthony on his blog and social media, links below :
If you are a blogger living in Wales and want to take part in this series just send me an email 

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  • Reply Anthony Connors 2nd October 2016 at 10:06 pm

    I loved doing this interview with you Leanne, thank you so much for featuring me <3

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