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12th December 2016

This week’s featured Welsh blogger is Kacie of The Rare Welsh Bit. Kacie is based in Cardiff and writes a food and travel blog. I’ve met Kacie at a few local foodie events and she really is lovely. Random fact, I really like her blog name, I love the play on the popular Welsh dish, Welsh Rarebit (posh cheese on toast).
meet the welsh bloggers - a series of interviews with welsh bloggers - The Rare Welsh Bit - a food and travel blog based in South Wales

Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself and your blog :

My blog is called The Rare Welsh Bit and it’s all about food and travel, in South Wales and beyond – I’ve covered Portugal, Rome and Jamaica on my blog so far and by the end of this year, I’ll also have published a few posts about my visit to India next month (!) I called my blog The Rare Welsh Bit because when I started blogging six years ago, it was still a relatively new trend and there weren’t many Welsh blogs around at all, let alone Welsh food blogs – so, the play on words seemed like a good idea.

What do you love most about living in Wales?

I love Welsh history and culture. St Fagan’s National History Museum is one of my favourite places in Wales; I love the old Welsh village that has been rebuilt on-site and no matter how many times I walk around it, I always find something new to interest me. And, of course, being a Welsh food blogger, I love Welsh food. To me, traditional Welsh food is hearty, comforting and fuss-free. You can’t beat a good lamb cawl with some cheese and crusty bread to warm you up on a cold evening!

What, if anything, is your least favourite thing about living in Wales?

That’s an easy question – the rain! The rain has got to be the worst thing about living in Wales. I think those who don’t live in Wales usually have a very negative view of the weather we tend to get, and although it’s not always as miserable as its made out to be here, when it rains it really does pour down!

What made you decide to start a blog?

Six years ago, I’d just graduated from Cardiff University with a BA degree in Journalism, Film and Media and I needed somewhere to showcase my writing in order to impress potential employers and a blog seemed like a great way to do this. I wasn’t up for leaving Wales for work (although most journalism jobs at the time were in London) and the only thing I was really passionate about at the time, besides writing, was food. So, I started a Welsh food blog. And then four years later, I caught the travel bug and decided to start writing about my adventures as well!

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

The biggest highlights of my blogging career to-date have been representing Wales in a feature on regional food bloggers in Sainsbury’s magazine, and being interviewed on BBC Radio Wales’s breakfast show about the Welsh food scene.

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If you are a blogger living in Wales and you would like to take part in this series just send me an email.

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    Quite a fan of St Fagans and Welsh comfort food too!
    Meet the Welsh Bloggers is a great idea, Leanne :).

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