Meet The Welsh Bloggers – Chasing Esme

Meet The Welsh Bloggers – Chasing Esme

The second post in my new series, Meet The Welsh Bloggers, features Tamsin from Chasing Esme. I love reading Tamsin’s blog as her beautiful daughter, Esme, is a similar age to Aria so I can totally relate to her. Tamsin is also going through the same painful process as me at the moment, growing out a short hair do.

Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself and your blog:

My name is Tamsin Mathias, and I’m a 21-year-old mum of one, living in sunny Pembrokeshire!
I’m a news reader for a local radio station, and I also write a blog called Chasing Esme, which is primarily about life with my 19-month-old daughter, Esme. Other things include a few rants about feminism and equality, talking about how much I love horse riding and moaning about how much weight I’ve put on since becoming pregnant on Esme in 2015.I’m also the other half of a punk rocker called Al. Al is the lead singer of his band Hate Gauge, and lead singer and guitarist of his other band, Trunk Shot.I absolutely love going to watch him at a gig – I’m a total fan girl, who knows all the words to his songs and jumps up and down at the front like a loon!

What do you love most about living in Wales?

I love the stunning views that Wales beholds, and I get to experience them rather often with horse riding through fields and mountains.I’ve not actually been to North Wales, and I’ve only ever been to Ceredigion once, but I love Powys and Pembrokeshire.

The countryside in Powys is stunning – I once rode a horse called Bumble up a mountain while I was there, and the views were utterly breathtaking.

And, Wales’ beaches are pretty wonderful. Especially places like Barafundle Bay and Freshwater East and West. If you don’t believe me, watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

What, if anything, is your least favourite thing about living in Wales?

I have two answers for this. The first, is that if you’re Welsh and don’t like rugby (like me) then you can expect to be ostracized – especially if you prefer football.I’ve never liked rugby and I never will, and for some reason people seem to think it should be a crime punishable by death. Well, maybe not death .. But at least humiliation.

The second, is that there’s hardly anything here. I’d love to be a wrestler, and whilst I know that it’s a sport not many people do, there’s loads of places to go in England.

Wales? There’s two, but only one with a women’s division. And it takes ages to get there.

It sucks.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I started writing a “New Mum’s Diary” in the monthly magazine, The Pembrokeshire’s Best. After writing about six months’ worth of articles, I realised I really enjoyed documenting everything, and Al suggested I started blogging – so I did!
My blog is now just over a year old, and I find it a way of relieving myself of stress. If a story on the news that day has upset me, I’ll talk about it on my blog and I’ll feel better. It’s almost like some sort of therapy … Is that bad?
What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

I haven’t had any sort of “big break” with my blog, as some may call it. I’ve never made any money from it, and I get given the odd review to do here and there, so there’s not really any kind of highlight with it so far.But, I always get a kick out of people leaving comments and appreciating my work.

I wrote a blog one time about the difficulties of being a new mum, and finding the transition from Tamsin to Mummy difficult. I had a lot of people comment and say that they thought it was great, and most people could relate to what I was saying.

So, I guess that’s my highlight so far.

Oh, and CJ Wildheart retweeted the review I wrote about his album. I was delighted with that.

Who are your favourite Welsh bloggers?

There’s two blog’s I enjoy reading the most, and in no particular order:

I love reading A Slice Of My Life Wales by Leanne Cornelius. Aria is of a similar age to Esme, and I love to read about what Leanne, Spencer and Aria have been up to.

Plus Aria is just the cutest thing ever!

Another blog I love is Cardiff Mummy Says by Cathryn Scott. I remember the first post I read about getting the kids ready for school in the morning, and how much of a nightmare it was, and I was hooked from then onwards!

Thanks for taking part in my series Tamsin, it was lovely to get to know you a little better and I am thrilled that you enjoy reading my blog!

If you would like to read more from Chasing Esme you can visit her blog and social media on the links below :

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If you are a blogger living in Wales and you would like to take part in this series just send me an email

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