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17th October 2016

It is Monday again which can only mean one thing, it’s time to introduce you to another fabulous Welsh blogger! This week is all about Nicola who blogs over at Mummy Wales. Nicola was born and bred in North Wales, but now resides in South East England. She blogs about things that make her laugh, both in the mummy and the outside world, you will also find occasional rants and lovey posts.

meet the welsh bloggers series with a slice of my life wales - nicola from mummy wales

Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself and your blog :
I’m mummy to 2 boys, one nearly 8 months and the other just turned 3. I’m a qualified accountant by day and super stealthy blogger by night (or at least until bedtime).

I was born and bred in North Wales but after meeting my hubby at university, now reside in South East England. I love lindyhopping, growing stuff, baking stuff, whisky and making homemade booze, but most of all, WRITING! I like to blog about things that make me laugh, either through my own mothering experiences or in the outside world. Now and then, I might also find myself overcome with mummy love and rant about something meaningful too (sorry about that).

What do you love most about living in Wales?
I miss the quiet, stony beaches and when you walk so high into the old slate slag heap mountains, the wind takes your breath away. I miss the humour and the friendliness, and seeing Welsh before English on every sign. I miss knickerbockerglories in Tenby, steam train rides in Llangollen and camping on Shell Island. And the free prescriptions.

What, if anything, is your least favourite thing about living in Wales?
It rains every time I go back. Every. Single. Time. I think it’s my punishment for leaving. And also, paying to get back in! I think I should be able to show my passport and get in for free!

What made you decide to start a blog?
I wanted an outlet for my writing, something with a tangible purpose. And after having my two boys, I wanted to do something just for me.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?
I’ve only been doing it for 3 months so I get excited every time I get a view or someone likes a tweet!

Nicola’s blog is fab and you can really pick up the humour in the posts, so, grab yourself a tipple and visit her blog and social media accounts, links below :

If you are a blogger living in Wales and you would like to take part in this series just send me an email.

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