Moaning During Pregnancy and Why It Is Okay

14th May 2015

Why is it that people are offended by pregnant people stating that they are feeling unwell? Granted, pregnancy is a blessing and not an illness, but some people do have a LOT of illnesses alongside their pregnancy.

This photo was taken when I was one day overdue, four days before Aria arrived, I look happy and healthy, some even said that I was glowing. I also had swollen feet, swollen fingers, excruciating heartburn, carpal tunnel syndrome, piles, pressure down below, aching hips, aching knees, I probably threw up that morning and also wouldn’t have had a lot of sleep the night before.

Every so often I’ll log onto social media to see a pregnant woman moaning about being in pain or feeling sick, I did it myself when I was pregnant and having a particularly bad day. All too often these updates will be greeted with a reply along the lines of “at least you can have a baby, don’t be so ungrateful”.

I get this, I do, if you can’t have a baby it must be so hard to log onto facebook and read “I’m so sick and tired I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over with” statuses from seemingly ungrateful pregnant people. But please, before you comment, think about it. This person has potentially been in constant pain for months, been sick everyday, suffered the most excruciating heartburn that is so bad it makes you want to pull your insides out. This person is very hormonal and probably not sleeping properly and hasn’t done for as long as they can remember. This person is grateful that they are pregnant but they feel as though they have been pregnant for an eternity.

I looked good during my pregnancy, I wore loads of make-up, bought some lovely maternity clothes and smiled, a lot. I was having a baby, I was beaming! I also moaned a lot. I was sick almost everyday (sometimes several times a day) for nine months, I had heartburn so bad that at times I thought that maybe I was carrying a ball of fire and not a baby, I had carpal tunnel syndrome that got so bad I started to loose my grip, my fingers were so swollen that I had to remove my wedding ring (with a lot of soap, water and pain), my knees and hips hurt a lot and I couldn’t take ibuprofen to ease the pain, I was tired. Pins and needles, night cramps, achy hips don’t make for a good sleeping combination to begin with, when you add a huge belly into the equation they make for quite a hell-ish sleeping combination.

So yes, I went on facebook and added a moaning status during my pregnancy, I really do apologise if this offended anyone. It really wasn’t meant to and it really did not mean that I wasn’t grateful to be pregnant, I wanted to be pregnant for so long before I actually was, so believe me, I was very grateful.

Now that I’m not pregnant if I were to moan about the fact that I had just thrown up and my piles were itching no one would blame me, so why, if I were to have the exact same moan at eight months pregnant am I suddenly becoming ungrateful and insensitive? That’s right, I’m not.

Pregnant women are allowed to moan too.

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  • Reply Katie Roberts-Mason 14th May 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Oh my goodness, you basically had every symptom going, you poor thing! I'm not surprised you had a moan, I'm only surprised you didn't moan more often! I've been so lucky with my pregnancy, with no sickness, not too many awful symptoms, etc, but I do still feel pretty rubbish by the end of the day and the tiredness is something else! I think my husband is fed up to the back teeth of me moaning! lol xx

  • Reply Nicole - Top To Toe 14th May 2015 at 10:29 pm

    great post! my boy is 6 weeks old now and I had heartburn and badback x

  • Reply Megan Roisin 16th May 2015 at 10:26 pm

    I think pregnant women are fully entitled to have a good moan every now and then – I can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable it can be at times!
    Megan x
    London Callings

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