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Moving Home Hacks from Expert Home Tips

9th July 2017
Moving home hacks

The time has come, after waiting for what seems like forever we are finally in the process of moving home. I am more than likely up to my neck in boxes right now, in one of two houses. For possibly the first time ever I have been organised and I have some fantastic guest posts lined up for while I am away. All centred around moving home, of course.

Today Collen is sharing her moving home hacks. Colleen is addicted to biscuits. She is also obsessed with recipes, cooking and eating. Half of the day Colleen spends researching the best life tricks for Expert Home Tips, the other half is spent finding all the free stuff on the web for Magic Freebies UK.

Use a Bin Liner to gather your hanging clothes

Don’t worry about taking all your clothes off the hanger – using a plastic bin liner over the bottom of your hanging clothes, pull them up with your clothes inside. Tie the handles around the hangers for extra support. Once you’ve arrived at your new home then hand up the clothes and remove the bag – easy!

Pack a First Day Box

Grab a small box and fill it with all the items you’ll probably need when you first arrive at the house. This includes helpful items like toilet roll, teabags, milk, a couple of mugs, scissors, bin bags, baby wipes. Keep it close to you on the journey to your new home to whip out as soon as you get there.

If you would like to see more tips form Collen do check out Expert Home Tips and Magic Freebies UK.

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  • Reply Amy @ Arty apple 10th July 2017 at 7:07 am

    Packing a first day box is a great idea! Wish I’d done that x

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