My Toddler’s First Steps – At 22 Months

20th December 2016

You may recall me mentioning that Aria still wasn’t walking at twenty months and was undergoing tests for suspected hip problems, possibly hip dysplasia. Fast forward two months and we have had A LOT of progress! First and most important things first, the X-Ray came back clear, Aria does not have hip dysplasia – huge sigh of relief. Secondly the Physio thinks that she has hyper-mobility which is causing confidence and stability issues and therefore slowing her down. Thirdly, and quite amazingly, Aria is now walking, at almost twenty two months she decided to take the plunge and go for it – and now there is no stopping her!

after fears of hip dysplasia and with hypermobility my toddler took her first steps at twenty two months. This blog post explains the diagnosis and shares a video of her first steps.

Our Physiotherapist doesn’t know that Aria is walking yet, we have our second appointment with her after Christmas and I am hoping that we will now be discharged. I did check in the first appointment if we were to cancel if Aria started walking but she said no, she would still like to see her.

At our first Physio appointment our physiotherapist spent time getting to know Aria and examining her, she didn’t start the exercises as we hadn’t yet had the X-Ray results back and so she wanted to wait until we had them to be sure that she wasn’t going to cause her any further damage or aggravate her. She noted that her feet were flexible, not flexible to the extent of severe hyper-mobility but she definitely suspects mild hyper-mobility. Mild enough that she will grow out of it, much like it seems that I have as I mentioned that I have previously been tested for hyper-mobility and didn’t have it, Aria’s physiotherapist explained that I likely did have it and just grew out of it.

We were advised to buy some trainers or boots with ankle support, which we have finally managed to buy, it isn’t an easy task when your toddler has size three and a half feet (well, one 3 & 1/2, one 2 &1/2 to be exact!) and await the X-Ray results. What we didn’t expect was for Aria to take her first steps in the meantime!

Last week, with a bit of encouragement, while we were prepping for our Bluestone holiday Aria decided to take a little walk completely unaided! We were so excited and managed to capture the second and third walk on camera which is just magical. While we were in Bluestone she walked, a lot. People were amazed when we told them that she had only just started walking as she is doing so well. I bought her some new trainers with ankle support yesterday and she is getting even better with her walking, she now runs and jumps too!

I’m amazed and so proud that, at almost twenty two months, we are finally here.

When my baby was sixteen months and still not walking I thought she was just a little ‘slow’ compared to others her age, she is so small she probably will take longer to do things.

When my baby was seventeen months and still not walking I thought she was just waiting until she was more confident and fully able, but mentioned it to the health visitor just in case.

When my baby was eighteen months and still not walking I hadn’t heard back from the health visitor so assumed that if they weren’t worried, I needn’t be. She is a bum shuffler and they always take longer to walk.

When my baby was nineteen months and still not walking I started to think that there may be a problem, we had received a letter from the health visitor stating that she had a check up next month. They were concerned and so was I.

When my baby was twenty months and still not walking the health visitor confirmed what we had worried about, she may have hip problems and they would X-Ray her for suspected Hip Dysplasia and send her to Physiotherapy.

When my baby was twenty one months and still not walking we were worried, wondering how she and us would cope with life in a spica and fearing the worse.

When my baby started walking at twenty two months it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

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  • Reply Hayley: Sparkles and Stretchmarks 20th December 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Ah this is lovely Leanne, I'm so glad Aria's tests came back clear. Well done little lady!! No stopping you now! xx

  • Reply Caroline Elliott 21st December 2016 at 7:40 am

    How amazing and what a relief for you! Love that she's already running and jumping! My two were both early walkers (around 10 mths) but LM at 26mths can't jump and Monkey didn't jump till he was over 3! They do things in their own time sometimes don't they? So glad their seems to be nothing wrong! Xxx

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