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My Work From Home ‘Uniform’

29th January 2017

I don’t know about you but I went pretty much the whole way through school detesting the fact that I had to wear a uniform. It was always so uncool and so uncomfortable. I recall trying to make it a little more attractive by rolling my skirt up a little (I was skinny back then, FYI) and doing my tie the wrong way around, if you did it the correct you were mocked for wearing a ‘kipper’ tie, and no one wants that.

clothes hanging in wardrobe with header text over my work from home uniform

Fast forward an amount of years that I don’t want to admit to, I am working from home and seem to have adopted my very own work from home ‘uniform’. Who would have thought that after all of those years of hating uniform I would slowly adopt my own. What is my work uniform? It consists of approximately 50,000 pairs of leggings and a collection of long jumpers and hoodies, all of which are suitably baggy.  I even have the stereotypical mum uniform in the form of leggings, Converse and, of course, a parka coat. Skinny jeans are also an option for the mum uniform, but being plus size it is all about the leggings for me.

As much as we often begrudge being told to wear a uniform, most of us end up adopting our very own uniform for various reasons including style, comfort and feeling safe. Uniform can often create a sense of community and wearing similar clothing can make a person feel more confident and like they fit. You could even go as far as to say that certain fashion genres wear their own uniforms.

Our kids wear what their school tells them. In time, a few of us will have jobs that require certain clothes while some wear printed t-shirts as a uniform, or perhaps to promote charitable causes on the street.

I personally will always be one of those people who begrudges uniform because I didn’t get to pick it myself, but is also grateful for it as it saves me money and the hassle of having to pick an outfit each working day.

This fab infographic shows just how important a uniform can be.

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