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Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales {AD}

28th May 2019
Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales

*We were provided with complimentary accommodation in Bluestone in exchange for coverage*

It’s no secret that we love holidaying in Bluestone Wales, most recently we have loved discovering one of the five Bluestone Seasons, Myths & Legends. Running from 29 March – 2 June, Bluestone Myths & Legends season allows you to immerse yourself into the world of pirates, knights and warriors.

Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales

There are heaps of paid activities incorporating the Myths & Legends theme, but also plenty of free activities too. We didn’t partake in any paid activities during this stay but we were still fully immersed into the Myths & Legends atmosphere.

Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales - kids jumping on bridge

We got outdoors and explored our stunning surroundings while using a map to find knights, Aria went to Knight school and battled with a knight, we really soaked up the atmosphere while watching the knights battle it out in a jousting tournament and then marching down into the village for a celebratory party with music and plenty of fun!

Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales - Bluestone village at night

If planned activities aren’t your thing, you needn’t worry, there is plenty of free range fun to be had, and with the opening of the Serendome in July 2019 the fun promises to keep growing and growing, whatever the weather.

Myths & Legends at Bluestone Wales - child running with kite

If you’ve missed Myths & Legends season, there is no need to worry, Bluestone have five seasons throughout the year, all of which offer heaps of magical fun! The upcoming Summer Festival season promises a party atmosphere while discovering the secrets of the great outdoors.

Watch the video to see what we got up to during our stay. To find out more and to book a break at Bluestone Wales click here.

{AD} Myths & Legends at Bluestone - review

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