23rd February 2011

Today’s NOTD is Pewter, Glam by Evie (Peacocks) it cost £2.50 and is available in store.

The initial attraction to this nail polish was the little holographic stars that are mixed in with the polish! It was really difficult to get a photo of the stars though!

I hate to say this (sorry Peacocks, usually nothing but praise for you!) but I was disappointed with this polish. The stars make the application really difficult as they either stick at the bottom of your nail or at the top of your nail. I tried reading the directions to see if I should be applying in a particular way, but couldn’t, clear bottle containing pewter polish & black writing on the outside – wasn’t thought through very well!

I applied two layers as the first was a little thin. The polish looks amazing as it is an adorable colour and the glitter isn’t too OTT. Unfortunately the stars are pointless. You can hardly see them as the polish covers them. Some of them curled up throughout the day and fell off.

I will be using this polish in future as the colour is lovely, but I will be removing the stars from the brush before they come near my nails!

Brilliant idea in theory Peacocks but unfortunately not in practice, the stars ruined a stunning nail polish! Maybe you should re-think and sell the nail polish (minus stars) as a set with the stars to stick on afterwards? You may then have it spot on!


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