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19th August 2018
Newborn Essentials - SnuzPod3 next to bed crib

Disclosure – Items marked * were sent to me for review purposes

With just one and a half weeks until my due date it really is time I get myself organised. I’m struggling to organise myself this time around, in fact I’m struggling with everything this time around. This pregnancy has been so much tougher than Aria’s. I’m also a lot more chilled out about it all, possibly too chilled out! I’m pretty sure that we’ve got all the essentials together which is the main. Baby has nappies, somewhere to sleep and a car seat to travel home in and I have boobs with milk in, we’re sorted!

Over the past few months we have acquired slightly more than the bare minimum, and a few items which I believe will become absolute essentials for us, so of course I want to  share them with you guys!

When Aria was a newborn we opted for a traditional Moses basket, it did the job and while we were getting up to make a fresh bottle of milk during the night we didn’t mind lifting her in and out of her basket. This time around I am determined to breastfeed and I love the idea of a bedside crib that will allow me to simply roll over and feed baby number two. I love that, with the side down, she will be right next to me, but far enough away that I don’t have to worry about rolling over and crushing her.

The icing on the cake for me comes in the fact that the award winning SnuzPod is super stylish, it naturally slots into our bedroom and looks the part, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb like a big wicker Moses basket!

I will be reviewing the SnuzPod3 in more detail over on YouTube once baby arrives.

Newborn Essentials - milton cold water steriliser

Milton Cold Water Steriliser

With Aria we bought a microwave steriliser, assuming cold water sterilisers were outdated. I’ve since come to the realisation that cold water is so much easier. Items placed inside are sterile within fifteen minutes. The sterilised water is good for 24 hours. You can take things out and add things in as often as you want. In my experience it really is so much easier than a microwave or electric steriliser.

Newborn Essentials - doona car seat on wheels

Doona Car Seat & Iso Fix Base*

The Doona car seat is seriously so clever and practical. Who wants to faff around moving a sleeping baby from the car seat into the pram (which was collapsed in the boot) just to nip to the shops? I’m guessing no one. The Doona takes this hassle away with it’s integrated wheels turning it from a car seat into a stroller in seconds. Leaving you with plenty of boot space for your shopping and no achy arms as a result of carrying the heavy car seat.

I will be reviewing the Doona in more detail on my blog and YouTube once baby arrives.

Newborn Essentials - aden + anais blankets, swaddles and muslin cloths

Muslins, Swaddles & Blankets*

The aden + anais 100% cotton muslin swaddles are super versatile and can be used for any number of purposes, not just a swaddle. These breathable swaddles are also perfect for pram covers, burp cloths, feeding cover ups and gorgeous instagram backdrops, of course!

Every baby needs what we call a cwtchy, and Twinkle, the classic musy mate lovely is simply perfect for this job. Twinkle is made with 100% cotton muslin and his head filled with hypoallergenic polyester. Twinkle is the perfect comforter for newborns through to toddlers.

You really can never have enough muslin squares, especially when the designs are this pretty. aden + anais stock a wide range of beautifully designed muslin squares, and I couldn’t resist the Disney print. Again, made from 100% cotton muslin, these squares are perfect for sick-y burps, make shift bibs, dribbles and everything else while out and about.

The classic dream blanket is beautiful and oh so soft. It features four layers of 100% cotton muslin to make a dreamy, plush blanket. Not only perfect for snuggling but also for providing a soft surface for baby to lie on.

Newborn Essentials - shnuggle bath with bum bump to support baby

Shnuggle Bath

I hated bathing Aria in a traditional baby bath, having to hold and wash a writhing newborn is no easy task. The Shnuggle bath has a clever little bum bump which promises to hold and support baby, freeing up your hands for an easier bath time. It is also compact enough to fit in most kitchen sinks. There is also a SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag available which would be great for mother’s recovering from a c-section.

Newborn Essentials - zazu liz the lamb

Zazu Liz the Lamb

With Aria we used Ewan The Sheep. Ewan was great, we relied heavily on Ewan, but, Ewan needed to be switched on by us. Liz doesn’t, Liz has a sound sensor and will automatically play white noise or a soothing melody when your baby wakes. Liz the Lamb attaches to the side of your cot or pram and calms your baby by playing your choice of four melodies, heartbeat or rainfall.

Newborn Essentials - sleepyhead deluxe+ white black and mint green


The Sleepyhead is another new to us item that we are super excited to try. Aria was so small that she would not settle in her Moses basket, we folded up muslin blankets around her and even used the smaller carry cot attachment from the pushchair as a replacement to the large, empty Moses basket. We are hoping that the Sleepyhead will provide baby number two with the comfort and security that she needs, both for bedtime and daytime naps.

Newborn Essentials - SnuzPouch sleeping bag with nappy change zip grey with cloud print

SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag*

I do love a sleeping bag for a baby, they take away the worry of baby pulling the blanket up over their face, but they do come with added faff at changing times. When baby does a poo in the middle of the night you really want a quick change without the added faff of a sleeping bag. The SnuzPouch has taken this faff away with it’s genius nappy change zip.

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  • Reply Lauren 20th August 2018 at 7:06 am

    The Snuzpod and Sleepyhead are two things I wish I’d invested in when Ava was newborn

  • Reply Happy Mummy 23rd August 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Your list is pretty much the same as ours! We already have the SnuzPod3 ok the way and the Aden & Anais Blankets – they were one of my favourite things last time! The Doona looks so convenient doesn’t it?

    Good luck with the baby! X

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