Outdoor Classroom Day 2017

16th May 2017
outdoor classroom day may 2017

This Thursday, 18 May 2017, sees the return of Outdoor Classroom Day. Outdoor Classroom Day is a global event set to encourage parents and teachers alike to take the classroom into the great outdoors. After all, it is the greatest classroom that there is. Children can learn and experience so much through outdoor play, the possibilities really are endless, which is why we will be taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day this year. If you want to join in too be sure to sign up for Outdoor Classroom Day here where you will find plenty of information and resources.

This Outdoor Classroom Day we plan to escape the hustle and bustle and instead visit a local farm, at the farm we will learn a wide range of things, from animal names and sounds through to counting and hunting.

outdoor classroom day activities for a toddler - an educational visit to the farm - black and white cow

We can learn many things from animals, for example, this is a cow, the cow is black and white, the cow goes moo, there is one cow. Already we have covered animals, colours and counting, just with one animal.

If you can’t get to a farm there really is no need to worry, the activity that I’ve described above can be transferred over to pretty much everything (well, maybe bar the sound) including sticks, stones, flowers and even cars.

Aria is still at the stage of learning her words, so we don’t go confusing things by naming individual flowers (which is a relief, as I don’t know what the majority of them are called!), instead Aria practises the word flower and enjoys a sensory experience, both through touch and smell.

The activities can be tailored to any age and go into as much depth as you like. With the animals you could talk about where milk and cheese comes from, and even meat (at what age is it acceptable to inform your child that sausages come from Peppa!?). With the flowers you could go into depth about planting and looking after flowers, and maybe even plant some seeds of your own.

toddler playing with flowers - outdoor sensory and learning activity for outdoor classroom day

The only limit with outdoor play is your imagination, and there are plenty of resources available to help with that. The great outdoors really is the best classroom.

If you’re still stuck for ideas but you want to join in with Outdoor Classroom Day feel free to right click and download my free ‘At The Farm Treasure hunt’.


Hopefully by now you are feeling super inspired and want to make sure that your child isn’t the 1 in 10 that never plays outside. That’s right, 1 in 10 children never play outside and 90% of life now is spent indoors, it is time to buck this trend, it is time that parents and teachers encourage children to get outdoors and explore. What better prompt to start it than Outdoor Classroom Day, this Thursday, 18 May 2017. Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate the benefits of outdoor learning and play in a bid to change these sad statistics. Teachers around the globe are signing up their schools to take at least one lesson outdoors as part of the school day. Will you join in and buck the trend of staying indoors?

It’s time to get outside and get educating so be sure to sign up for Outdoor Classroom Day here for inspiration and resources.


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