Pregnancy : A fall down the stairs at 28 weeks

20th December 2014
As mentioned previously at 28 weeks + 2 days pregnant I took a tumble down the stairs. I fell down two stairs on my bottom, which hurt a lot. I went and sat on the sofa straight after while I recovered from the shock. Once I felt a little better I noticed that when going from sitting to standing my stomach felt tight, it took me a while to be able to stand up fully straight. I wasn’t happy with this so called the maternity ward (the number is in my pregnancy notes). They asked several questions about the fall, if I had had any loss, how many stairs I fell down, any pains that I had. Once I mentioned the tightening in my stomach I was told to go straight to the hospital for monitoring.
The drive to the hospital felt like the longest drive ever. Once we got to the Hospital we were shown into a room straight away, I was given a pot and asked to do a urine sample and then to get comfortable on the bed. The lady came back after about ten minutes, examined my tummy and popped the heart monitors on, the straps holding a monitor to my tummy to monitor babies heartbeat and a clip on my finger to monitor me. She was very nice and explained everything as she was doing it. My urine was tested and all okay, we were then left for about thirty minutes so that they could do a proper trace of both mine and babies heart rates. During the thirty minutes several different people popped in to see how we were doing and introduce their selves, all with reassuring words for us and telling us that we had done exactly the right thing by getting checked. This made me feel a lot better as I did think they may potentially think I was overreacting. 
After being monitored for a while the print outs were checked and confirmed that babies heart was beating away nicely and there was no need to worry. The only issue was that my pulse was high, I couldn’t go home until this came back down. They explained that this could have been a result of the shock and being anxious, but I was asked if I could be dehydrated and my answer was yes, I had spent about three hours that morning at the hospital for my GTT test and wasn’t drinking when there. I also had a month end in work that day so when I got to work I was stood up filing all of the reports away which meant a lot less drinking than usual. I was given a jug of water and told to drink as much as I could. Again we were left for about thirty minutes while I drank the water. Thankfully after this my pulse was tested again and I was normal and told that I could go home after a chat with the Doctor. 
The Doctor came in and went through all of the results with me, gave me a reminder to keep myself hydrated and be extra careful on stairs, the bigger I get the worse the tripping hazard will become. They were very happy with the results but I was told to be aware of any changes such as bleeding, extra discharge or excessive pain, if I had any of these to go straight back. They couldn’t give me a reassurance scan there and then but I was asked if I felt like I needed one, to which I said no.
Both myself and Spencer were very impressed with the care that we received, it has made us both think that we have picked the right Hospital (we live in between two hospitals so have a choice).
If you have any worries or concerns do not be afraid to call, I (wrongly) thought that the hospital would think I was overreacting but they couldn’t have been any happier to help reassure us.

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  • Reply Laura Side Street 20th December 2014 at 2:01 pm

    I am so glad you are okay and that they treated you so well, it's unfortunate that in some hospitals they are really short staff when it comes to maternity but so glad you received such good care

    Laura x

  • Reply Ale 20th December 2014 at 10:19 pm

    oh no, must have been so scary – glad everything is ok 🙂

  • Reply Joanna 22nd December 2014 at 4:18 pm

    oh hun how scary x glad ur receiving good care my 1st baby i had at the rgh and it was awful 🙁 all other babies were born at nh and it was an amazing experience xx

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