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Preventing ‘Duff Duff’ Moments in Our New Home

25th July 2017
top tips from ADT to keep your home drama free and secure

If soap operas are anything to go by life is full of ‘duff duff’ moments, and so we need to protect our new home from these moments. Now, thankfully we aren’t living in Eastenders as that is the most dangerous soap to live in; with only 2.4 incidents per year per one hundred people I really am hoping that our new neighbourhood is more like the Welsh equivalent, Pobol y Cwm.

What really surprises me is that when compared to real-life regions, soaps aren’t as risky as you might think. Comparing the soaps with their real-life local areas and the number of fires and break-ins over the past ten years*, only EastEnders and Hollyoaks came out as being riskier places to live. Albert Square had nearly three times as many fires or break-ins per year than Greater London and Hollyoaks had nearly twice as many as Chester and its surrounding areas. But four of the soap locations – those featured in Coronation Street, River City, Pobol y Cwm and The Archers – came out as being less risky than the real life surrounding areas.

As a result of this research the lovely folk over at ADT are attempting to keep the drama on screen only with this fab list of hints and tips for keeping your home drama free :

1. Think about who you give your keys to, and make a note of who’s got them.
Make sure to only give your keys to trusted friends, family or neighbours
– not every Dot, Nick and Charlie

2. Bought a new home? Or just want to make your existing one more secure?
Invest in a new smart monitored alarm system to go with it. Just make sure
your alarm of choice isn’t a peacock – it might work for The Bull pub in The
Archers but historically Indian peafowl aren’t as reliable as an ADT bellbox

3. Test your smoke alarms weekly. Sounds like a lot, but it’s important to know
they’re still up to task, and we bet Kerry wishes she had one that worked well
after drunkenly setting fire to Dale View in 2013 before falling asleep…

4. Without wanting to teach Pauline Fowler how to suck eggs – do make sure
you’ve locked all of your doors and windows. The Beale-cum- Fowler-cum-
Beale residence is about as easy to get into as Pauline’s bad books, mostly
because the back gate is unfailingly unlocked!

5. We reckon Pobol y Cwm’s Dai might have recovered his valuable brown
envelope (containing £5,000) if he’d marked it with a security pen. Simple,
and he’d have saved himself time and money in the long run.

6. Installing a flood detection system can help to minimise damage and
impact of floods on your property. Bet poor Christine Barford wished she’d
invested in the technology ahead of the flooding in The Archers in 2015.

7. Check out your local crime figures with ADT’s Crime In My Area online tool.
You can find out just how at risk you are from burglaries and break-ins –
although we’re not sure anyone would want to move to Hollyoaks after using

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