Restaurant Review : Chiquito, Friars Walk, Newport

16th April 2016

A little while back I was invited to my local Chiquito* to review their new Spring menu, I’ve only ever been to Chiquito once in the evening with friends, after a quick look on-line I discovered that they serve children’s meals so decided that Aria and I would treat my friend and her son to some good food and good company!

Restaurant Review : Chiquito, Friars Walk, Newport blog post

We went along on a Tuesday at lunchtime, as expected it was pretty quiet. We were seated quickly and highchairs were brought over straight away. Myself and Abi ordered our starters and asked for the chid’s mains to come out at the same time, there is nothing worse than Aria seeing my starter and screaming as she doesn’t have any food!

Chiquito Margarita 'Pizza' from kids menu

For Aria I ordered the Chiquito Margarita ‘Pizza’ with a side of veg. She absolutely loves pizza, she isn’t so keen on veg but I like to try. I ordered this from the kids menu so I was quite shocked to see just how big it was, even more shocked that Aria ate about three quarters of it, she clearly enjoyed it. The ‘pizza’ is actually two flour tortillas layered and topped with tomato sauce and cheese, which will be why she managed to eat so much! As predicted most of the veggies ended up on the floor.

baby eating pizza in Chiquito

Halloumi skewer at Chiquito Friars Walk Newport with salad and cranberry salsa

I decided to order the Halloumi skewer to start, £5.95, Skewered halloumi, onions and peppers baked in the oven and served over a citrus dressed salad with cranberry salsa. This was delicious, the flavours complimented each other beautifully, the cranberry salsa finishing it off perfectly.

Chiquito Friars Walk Newport review  Mexican Paella

For my main course I opted for the Mexican Paella, £13.95, authentic seafood and chicken paella, a popular dish taken from south of the border. King prawns, tiger prawns, chicken breast and chorizo in a Mexican spiced rice, with cherry tomatoes and our signature tomato sauce. Again, this was beautiful and packed full of prawns, chicken and chorizo.

garlic bread side order at Chiquitos

Myself and Abi also ordered a side of cheesy garlic bread to share. We both commented on how nice this was, as it is made with tortilla rather than bread it is light and easy to eat, which makes it very more-ish!

kids pudding at Chiquito

Then came the puddings! We ordered both of the kids a Mini Milk. This was the first time both of them had tried one and they weren’t really sure what to do with it! Aria insisted on holding hers like this (photo above), she enjoyed it for about a minute and then I guess her hand got cold because she handed it to me. I tried offering it to her again but she refused, clearly scarred by how cold it was!

brownie baked banana at chiquitos

Abi ordered the browie baked banana, £5.45, Banana stuffed with chocolate brownie and baked in the oven. Topped with fresh raspberries, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and served with vanilla pod ice cream. She enjoyed it but was disappointed with how little chocolate brownie there was.

Mexican Mess pudding at Chiquito

I ordered the Mexican Mess, £5.65, Our take on Eton Mess! Churros, chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, strawberry pieces, raspberry ripple ice cream and strawberry yoghurt topped with cream, served in our cinnamon tortilla basket. I enjoyed this, it was a nice change but again I was disappointed with how little chocolate brownie there was, maybe they were running short the day that we visited?

Would I recommend Chiquito? Yes, but maybe not with children.  The food was filling and delicious, the prices were about average. The downside for us was the poor service. Our waitress wasn’t very welcoming or friendly, Our starter plates weren’t cleared when our mains were brought out and she seemed disinterested. Both of the kids did make a mess and the floor was covered in food, we did have to wonder if this was why she was off with us. We cleared up the majority of the food but we waited until the children had finished eating, there really is no point in clearing it up when they are still going. The desert plates were actually cleared quite quickly so I had to request a plate so that I could clean up the mess, I had hoped this would cheer her up a little but the requested was granted with a grunt. This really is a shame as both of the kids really enjoyed their food and the chilled out vibe.

Have you eaten at Chiquito? Have you been there with kids? If so, how did you find the food and service? 

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  • Reply newcastle familylife 18th April 2016 at 6:01 am

    I visit Chiquitos whenever we go shopping at the metro centre ( a big shopping centre) my three children love it. I have been really lucky and found it really family friendly with super lovely and helpful staff who make a fuss of the little ones xx

    • Reply Leanne 18th April 2016 at 2:43 pm

      That is good to know, as I said the food was lovely and I would like to go back, I just hope that the service is better next time, Aria loves when we go for food and they make a fuss of her!

  • Reply Sara Stacey 18th April 2016 at 11:07 am

    I used to go to our local one quite a lot but being disabled I found certain tables more accessible for me (booth type with higher chairs) so requested this when I placed a booking explaining my reason (and that I wasn't just being fussy) and two times when I arrived they say us at the far back on different low tables as they had sat other people in the more accessible booths and they didn't seem bothered and told us they didn't get that info even though it was through their booking page. It is a shame as I loved the food but we've not been for 3 years now due to the bad customer service. Head Office did offer us a free meal but we declined as had already gone through the embarrassment of me trying to get up from their lower chairs.

    • Reply Leanne 18th April 2016 at 2:45 pm

      Ah yes that isn't good! There is no point having the option to make requests if they don't take any notice of it. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.

  • Reply Jessica Powell 18th April 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I'd never heard of it before! And I can't even pretend it's because I live miles from one, because we go to Newport a lot. I guess I've just reached the age now where Wetherspoons is decadence. xD

    • Reply Leanne 27th April 2016 at 7:31 pm

      I love Wetherspoons, I'm actually gutted that my local one is shutting in a few weeks 🙁

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