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14th January 2016

The Newbridge-on-Usk, part of the Celtic Manor, is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful break or fine dining (or of course, both!). Located on the banks of the River Usk and accessible by country lanes the Newbridge is a hidden gem, a hidden gem that we went along to experience a little while ago.

blog post restaurant review the newbridge on usk

Newbridge-on-Usk interior

We timed our visit well, in the run up to Christmas the restaurant looked superb, the decorations and massive tree beautifully complimented the rustic decor. We sat on some comfortable chairs while waiting for our table and watched a live band perform quietly in the background.

We booked our visit in advance, though there was a bit of confusion with the voucher code that I had, the lady who I spoke to said that she would look into this and ask someone from the Newbridge to call me back. No one called me back but as we had already confirmed a date and time I went along assuming that our booking had been placed. It had not. Thankfully the helpful staff managed to fit us in without keeping us waiting.

newbridge on usk interior

Despite not actually having a booking we were seated quite quickly. We were seated upstairs overlooking the beautiful Christmas tree on the first floor. I so wanted to take a photo of the tree but there was a big party sat right next to it and I didn’t want them thinking that I was taking photos of them.

salmon starter at newbridge on usk

Both Spencer and I ordered the Sunday lunch, three courses for £24.95 per person really isn’t bad in such a high esteemed restaurant. To start I ordered the smoked salmon, the salmon came with a beautiful garnish and even caviar. It was all very fresh and very delicious.

beef dinner at newbridge on usk

We both decided to have the beef for our main. Mainly because we had seen other diners with these huge Yorkshire Puddings and we wanted in. It doesn’t look like a lot of food here, when my plate came over my initial thought was that I would be leaving hungry. Fear not, I lifted up the Yorkshire Pudding to discover plenty of food including a very generous portion of fantastically cooked beef, potatoes and vegetables.

child's meal at the newbridge on usk celtic manor

We didn’t order a starter for Aria, just a main course. I asked them if they could prepare a very basic turkey dinner with some potatoes, vegetables and possibly a Yorkshire Pudding. I didn’t ask them to prepare it in any certain way, I had every intention of chopping it all up myself. When the waiter bought this dish out both Spencer and I were very impressed, they had cut everything up in small, baby friendly chunks. This meant that we could enjoy our own food without worrying about Aria’s meal.

When we made the original booking we weren’t sure whether to take Aria or not as we worried that it may not be very child friendly, we needn’t have worried.

baby eating food at the newbridge on usk

We weren’t quite brave (or stupid) enough to give Aria the plate, this is a high end restaurant and we didn’t want our baby throwing plates on the floor. The way that it had been prepared meant that we could just place a few pieces on the highchair at a time and replenish when Aria had eaten them/thrown them on the floor.

chocolate pudding at newbridge on usk

I always get excited when I see a chocolate pudding on the desert menu, especially ones that promise to ooze even more chocolate when you cut into them. This did not disappoint. The only disappointment was that Aria decided that she wanted some and I had to share. Should have got her her own pudding…

Overall we really enjoyed our meal at the Newbridge-on-Usk. The restaurant is in a beautiful setting, the decor is cosy and welcoming and the food delicious. The staff were welcoming, friendly and were more than happy to accommodate Aria. The initial annoyance at my booking disappearing was quickly resolved and forgotten about.

If dining at the Newbridge, or any of the Celtic Manor’s restaurants there will be a 10% service charge added to your bill, this is discretionary and you can ask for it to be removed. I personally don’t like this, we always tip and quite often our tip will be more than 10%, the addition of this discretionary charge often leaves me tipping less than I would if it were left to me.

*I attended an event at the Newbridge-on-Usk a while back where I was given a voucher to receive 50% off the price of our bill*

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