Review : Autumn Menu at Victoria Park Brewers Fayre, Ebbw Vale

25th October 2015
Yesterday I went along to the Gwent Brewers Fayre, based in Victoria Park, Ebbw Vale, to trial their new Autumn menu*. Based near the Festival Park site the restaurant is easy to get to both via car and public transport. It is the perfect spot to fill your stomach ready for a day of shopping and activities at the park site, or to re-fill your stomach after burning off all your energy shopping.

Brewers Fayre Ebbw Vale Gwent review photo of menus main kids and drinks

I went with a friend and Aria, I hadn’t intended to order any food for Aria, I popped a jar in my bag so that I could quickly feed her while we were there, but after perusing the kids menu I decided that I would order some food for her. 
Our table was booked for two adults and a baby at 1pm, due to a mix up with Spencer taking the car seat to work so me having to catch a bus to go and get it from him before my friend could take us to the restaurant we arrived about half an hour late. Thankfully this wasn’t a problem at all, we were shown straight to our table where they had removed a chair and set up a high chair ready. 
baby sat in high chair at brewers fayre ebbw vale victoria park playing with colourful toy
We have the same IKEA highchair at home which resulted in a very happy and comfortable Aria. 
Southern Chicken Goujons starter at brewers fayre
Kate ordered the Southern Chicken Goujons to start, these were served with smokey BBQ and honey mustard dips and cost £3.99.
Coarse Pork Pate at brewers fayre
I ordered the Coarse Pork Pate to start, this came with toasted brown bread, butter and Branston pickle and cost £3.99.
kids hotdog & chips with vegetable sticks side at brewers fayre
For Aria’s main meal I ordered the hotdog & chips and swapped the side of corn on the cob for vegetable sticks. The bowl of vegetable sticks was jam packed. 
When our starters arrived I mentioned that I should have asked for Aria’s main to come when our starters did, the waitress then asked the chef to bring it out as soon as possible, it arrived quite quickly which was great because Aria was getting a little grizzly about the fact that I wouldn’t let her eat my starter. 
baby in highchair eating meal at brewers fayre
ultimate sausages and mash at brewers fayre
For the main courses I couldn’t resist the beautiful stodgy ultimate sausages and mash. Served in a giant Yorkshire pudding with friend onions, gravy and cabbage this was proper comfort food. It defeated me and I ended up leaving quite a bit of the Yorkshire pudding, this was no reflection on the food as it was delicious, I just couldn’t manage it all. This cost £8.49.
smothered chicken at brewers fayre
Kate went a little less stodgy than me with her smothered chicken, the cheese and bacon topped chicken was served with chips, coleslaw, garlic bread, garnished salad and BBQ sauce, a complete bargain at £8.99.
kids fruit salad at brewers fayre
As Aria had so much fun eating/playing with her main I decided to order her a pudding in the form of a fruit salad. I was a little shocked to see that the grapes hadn’t been sliced in half following the recent tragedy of a child choking on a grape, but then I guess that is more the parents responsibility than the restaurants. 
ultimate chocolate fudge cake and custard at brewers fayre
For our puddings both myself and Kate couldn’t resist the ultimate chocolate fudge cake, we walked past the pudding fridge as we walked in and this practically jumped out at us! The cake was served warm or cold with a choice of whipped cream, pouring cream, ice cream or custard. I opted for custard and Kate for ice cream, we both asked for it warm. Mine wasn’t quite warm enough, not that it is an issue with chocolate cake but there were a few colder patches in it. Kate would have liked a little more ice cream as the cake was so large in comparison to the small blob of ice cream. Little flaws aside this pudding was heavenly, heaven on a plate for £3.99 isn’t bad at all. 
ultimate chocolate fudge cake and ice cream at brewers fayre
The staff were friendly, attentive and polite. They were all quite smitten with Aria and were popping over regularly to coo over her. She made a complete mess of the floor which they weren’t bothered about at all, I did tell them that I would clean it up but was told to leave it for them. I did clean the majority of it up as I can’t bring myself to leave it like that!
There is a separate baby changing room which was clean during our visit, there are nappy bags and lining sheets available free of charge. There is a unit with a separate sink and hand wash in the room, the unit is great as you actually have somewhere to put your things during the change, I always struggle with holding everything. The only downside was that the changing unit was above the sink unit, being only 5″3 I did find it quite uncomfortable reaching up to change Aria. 
The seats were comfortable and the area clean, there was a large lamp behind my head that was quite low down and I did keep knocking my head on it which was a little annoying. 
The total cost of the meal including two refillable soft drinks and two refillable hot drinks was just under £48, you really cannot go wrong! 

To save even more money Brewers Fayre have daytime value offers running from 12 – 6pm Monday to Friday where guests can enjoy two starters for £2.50, two mains for just £10.99* and two desserts for £2.50, eating out doesn’t have to be limited to special occasions.

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    Aww Aria is so cute. She looks like she approves of your choice too. I'ts great that restaurants are child friendly and serving fruit etc. Her plate looks full, I hope she didn't eat all of it! Lol

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