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Review : The Hardwick Restaurant & Hotel Abergavenny

17th March 2016

The Hardwick restaurant and hotel in Abergavenny is situated beautifully in amongst the countryside, and is run by professional chef Stephen Terry. We were recently invited along to The Hardwick* by Stephen Terry and Collier’s Welsh cheese for an overnight stay and plenty of food. Carry on reading for my thoughts on the food and the rooms.

Review of the hardwick restaurant and hotel in abergavenny scenic photo of hardwick sign with mountain views in background on sunny day

The Hardwick Restaurant Abergavenny shot taken through daffodils looking up at restaurant

We were invited along by Collier’s Cheese as they have recently collaborated with Stephen Terry to create a series of mouth watering recipes that incorporate Collier’s powerful Welsh Cheddar – keep your eyes peeled for some recipe posts coming soon.

review of the hardwick hotel in abergavenny - picture of bed in hotel room white and red warming and cosy bedroom

The hotel room was very welcoming. The warm, cosy lighting and the red bedding complimented each other perfectly. Huge plus points came from all of us tech addict bloggers for the bedside tables at each side of the bed, both of which had a power point, perfect for charging your phone/laptop/tablet.

light and breezy hotel room at the hardwick hotel abergavenny

The room is light and airy, we were lucky enough that the sun was shining brightly during our stay which meant that we could open the shutters and allow the natural light to pour into the room. The natural light combined with the full length mirror were also huge plus points for me. Perfect for getting ready.

wooden shutters and brown leather chair in hotel room at the hardwick abergavenny
little touches in hotel room at the hardwcik abergavenny classic car books
hotel room draw with kilner jars of various teas and coffees at the hardwick abergavenny

We loved all of the little touches and details in the hotel room, my personal favourite was the draw containing various teas and coffees. I am so annoyed with myself for not trying the Biscotti, they looked delicious.

The only downside to our hotel room was that it was boiling. There were thermostats in the room but there were notes stating that we weren’t to change them. Spencer and I were wondering if someone had somehow missed (or ignored) the note and messed with the heat settings. I’m sure a quick phone call to reception would have sorted the issue but we didn’t spend much time in the room so weren’t too worried about it. We opened the window and closed the shutters to cool it down a little, though we did wake up very hot and sweaty to a room temperature of 24.

Bramley toiletries provided at The Hardwick Hotel in Abergavenny

The bathroom was clean, tidy and contained everything that we needed. Toiletries were complimentary during our stay, we also had the option to purchase what we didn’t use at a reduced rate. We had a bath with a shower over.

colourful polka dot and mad professor rubber ducks at The Hardwick Hotel Abergavennybathroom at the hardwick hotel in abergavennytall kilner jars containing cotton buds etc in hotel room at the hardwick abergavenny

bar area at The Hardwick Hotel in Abergavenny rustic setting with animal heads on wall

The bar and restaurant area are perfectly rustic and relaxing. There are lots of little details that just ‘fit’ without looking too overwhelming or too ‘done’.

salmon from the lunchtime menu at The Hardwick Hotel in Abergavenny chef Stephen Terry
We were able to order lunch shortly after we arrived. I am a huge fan of salmon so couldn’t resist the Pan Fried Salmon on Humus with Spiced Aubergine, Sweet Bulls Horn Pepper, Yoghurt, Coriander, Mint & Parsley. This dish was full of flavour without being too overwhelming. The salmon cooked to perfection and all ingredients complimenting each other perfectly.

duck confit start at the hardwick restaurant in abergavenny

Following our adventure to Big Pit (more about that in the next post) we arrived back at the restaurant for our evening meal. For starter I had the Confit Duck Hash with a fried local Duck Egg, Chicory and Burnt Orange Dressing. Another dish cooked to perfection.

pork belly at the hardwick restaurant in abergavenny
For my main I opted for the pork belly and ham hock. This was delicious but I did find the pork belly a little salty for my personal taste.

chocolate brownie ice cream and popping candy pudding at the hardwick restaurant abergavenny
As if I hadn’t already eaten enough by this point I decided to order a pudding. In my defence how could I resist when I saw this description on the menu : Valrhona Chocolate Brownie & Mousse with Seville Orange Marmalade Ice Cream, Chocolate Popping Candy, Coco Nib Biscuit and Halen Mon Sea Salted Caramel Sauce?

I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to eat all of this. Well I do know how, because it was blooming delicious! I felt sick as a pig afterwards, but in a very satisfied way.

sourdough bread breakfast at the hardwick in abergavenny
We had breakfast included in our overnight stay. I had eaten so much the day before that I didn’t want a big breakfast so resisted the very tempting full breakfast and instead opted for the much lighter but equally enjoyable smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

smoked salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast at the hardwick in abergavenny
Overall we had a fantastic time at The Hardwick, both the room and food were pretty much spot on. We will definitely be returning, especially as it isn’t as expensive as we had assumed that it would be. With midweek deals such as three courses for £25 or B&B and a three course meal for £199 we have no reason not to go back.

Click here To find out more about The Hardwick or to make a booking.

Have you been to The Hardwick? If not, do you plan to visit in the future?

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