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Review : Kitchen Trotter Food Subscription Box

5th March 2016

Both Spencer and I love to experiment with different cuisines, I haven’t travelled much but when I do I love to sample the local dishes, my favourite cuisine so far being Greece. Lack of funds means that we aren’t necessarily able to sample as wide a variety of cuisines as we would like, which is why I was so excited to review new food subscription box service Kitchen Trotter*. Kitchen Trotter allows you to experience the tastes of the world from the comfort of your own home.

blog review of kitchen trotter exotic cuisine food subscription box

Carry on reading to find out what we thought of Kitchen Trotter and to get a discount code off your first box.

This unique subscription service was founded in 2012, and eventually launched in the UK this year (2016). Kitchen Trotter takes you to a different country each month by sending you carefully selected hard to find exotic ingredients and recipe cards. The box that we received was themed around Indonesian cuisine, which I was very excited to try as I know nothing at all about their cuisine.

We had to buy additional items such as chicken, eggs, pasta, etc. The idea of the box is that you only buy the readily available products, unfortunately I couldn’t buy all of them at my local Co-Operative, who would have thought it would be so difficult to buy an aubergine and brown sugar? I simply went ahead and made the meals either minus a few ingredients or with substitutions, they still came out delicious. There is a shopping list in the front of the booklet which is great, it makes shopping for the additional ingredients so easy having it all set out in one place.

gado-gado Indonesian starter from kitchen trotter box

The recipe cards were easy to follow, most were quick and easy to make too which is always a bonus. Some of the ingredients are used in more than one meal which I personally think is great, I hate wasting leftover ingredients. We were still left with a few ingredients, it would have been great to have some suggestions of how to use these ingredients included in the box, but there is plenty left to recreate these meals several times if I so wish.

Ayam Areh Indonesian coconut curry from ktitchen trotter box

Unfortunately we did notice one or two errors in the recipes, we easily figured it out ourselves but this really does need to be looked at as it can be quite frustrating. Errors aside we were really pleased with this box, every single meal was delicious and it was great to sample meals and ingredients that we wouldn’t usually get to try.

Mie Goreng Indonesian meal from kitchen trotter exotic cuisine subscription box
The labels on the products aren’t in English which can sometimes be confusing, but there is a very handy guide at the front of the leaflet with pictures of the ingredients and an explanation as to what they are. I found myself referring to this a lot.

Kue Dadar Gulung Indonesian green crepe pudding
I really enjoyed all of the meals in the box. My favourite had to be Kue Dadar Gulung, the interesting green crepes. I didn’t make mine quite to the recipe as I couldn’t get coconut (not even desiccated coconut!) in my local shop so had to go without that, but they turned out deliciously. The syrup that I made to go with them was beautiful. It really is no surprise that I had a gain at Slimming World that week!

Fancy trying a Kitchen Trotter box for yourself? Get £10 off your first box with discount code ASLICEOFMYLIFEWALES sign up here.

Are you a fan of exotic cuisine? Do you like the sound of these boxes?

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  • Reply What the Redhead said 5th March 2016 at 10:59 pm

    This sounds like a great idea but I'm not sure I'd pay £30 for 4 recipes when I still need to buy other fresh ingredients – that's quite expensive compared to other recipe boxes that include everything you need to make the meals. If this included everything you needed I think it would be a great box and definitely something I'd try x

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