Review : Luvabella Interactive Doll – A Realistic Baby Doll

22nd November 2018
Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

*Disclosure – We were sent the Luvabella Interactive Doll in exchange for an honest review*

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen the Luvabella interactive doll in the past and I’ve never been able to work out if it’s cute or creepy, and I’m still torn. Aria on the other hand is firmly in the cute camp.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

With the arrival of a new baby it seemed like the perfect time to get Aria her very own baby, Luvabella is very lifelike and interacts with you and her accessories so seemed like the perfect choice for us.

Luvabella comes with four interactive accessories; a bottle, a dummy, a spoon and a toy called lamby. All of these accessories have a yellow part on them, when the yellow part is placed near her top lip she interacts with them. Each accessory sparks a different reaction. Luvabella’s language improves as she grows and she will eventually learn 100 words and phrases, this is a great way to encourage your child to play with her and to stop boredom setting in.

What accessories does Luvabella come with and how does she react to them?

First up is the bottle. Just place the teat of the bottle near Luvabella’s mouth and she opens her mouth, and then sucks on it. After sucking for a little while she falls to sleep.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

The dummy works in pretty much the same way as the bottle, Luvabella will open her mouth for it, suckle on it and then fall to sleep.

Luvabella interactive doll review

The spoon is my favourite accessories. When the spoon is placed near Luvabella’s mouth she says “ahh” she then suckles on the spoon for a while and says phrases like “yummy in my tummy” and names food. After feeding her if you pat her back she will burp.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

Luvabella interacts and plays with her little lamb toy, when you hold it to her mouth she will kiss it, sing songs and make animal noises. You can also play with Luvabella by tickling her toys and belly to which she will giggle, and covering her eyes to play peek-a-boo.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

Our overall verdict of Luvabella :

Aria is very much in love with her Luvabella doll, she loves to look after her and give her the bottle and dummy and watch her suckle on them, though she does get very frustrated that they send her to sleep. At three years old Aria is a little younger than the recommended age of four, maybe when she is a little older she won’t get so frustrated by this.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

At first I thought that Aria kept switching Luvabella to French, but I just couldn’t understand her. Luvabella’s vocabulary does improve the more you play with her and already, after two weeks, her words are more clear so her vocabulary is definitely improving. This is a great way to keep children interested in the doll.

Luvabella will fall asleep if you rock her or lie her down, and also after a bottle/dummy, sometimes she is a little over sensitive and will fall asleep if you tilt her a little, but this isn’t a major problem as she can easily be woken back up.

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

Luvabella’s face and hair are made of a very flexible material which is why her facial expressions look so life like, but the material is very prone to things sticking on it which can be a nuisance, and we also think she would look a lot nicer with ‘real’ hair.

Luvabella is very realistic, her head/face and arms move by them self, but you can also move her arms and legs yourself. When her head and arms are moving they do make a loud whirring noise which, for me, puts a slight dampener on the realistic experience, but Aria doesn’t seem to notice this, and if she does it doesn’t bother her.

Luvabella doesn’t include batteries. She has two volume settings and two language settings; English or French.  She says Mama as standard, but can be easily changed to say Dada.

Luvabella is absolutely perfect for children who want the real life experience of a baby, she is very realistic and the way that she interacts is fascinating. I especially love watching her eat and then burp after a feed, and the fact that she responds to tickling. Aria loves giving her the bottle and the dummy.

Luvabella will make a perfect gift, but be sure to purchase 4 x C batteries!

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A thorough review of the Luvabella interactive doll - a very realistic baby doll

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