Review : Make My Day Bib

Review : Make My Day Bib

Aria is such a messy eater, which isn’t helped by the fact that we give her foods like Spaghetti Bolognese to eat by herself with her hands. Her clothes and bibs constantly have an orange tint to them where the food stains will just not budge. We’ve bought plastic bibs before but we’ve found them to be stiff which annoys Aria, they also crack over time plus they aren’t very pretty.

review make my day bib  blog header photo blue silicone sheriff bib with crumb catcher

review of make my day bib by cheeky rascal sherif design cute plastic fold up reusable baby bib

I was asked if I would like to review a Make My Day bib by Cheeky Rascals* and I jumped at the chance, this was quite possibly the solution to my problems! These bibs have so many super cute designs, I was initially drawn to the pretty girly bibs with pearls and jewels, then I spotted the Sheriff bib and my decision was made!

Prettiness design aside you may be wondering why this bib solved my problems? They are made out of food grade silicone, are stain resistant, dishwasher safe and have a crumb tray. (the dishwasher bit had to go in bold because it is very exciting to lazy mum’s like me). They are super soft and they roll up, they don’t restrict babies movement and can be easily transported without worrying about them cracking.

They have a built in crumb catcher which is Aria’s personal favourite, she loves to pick up her food, place it in the crumb catcher and then eat it from here. Totally not what it is designed for but it makes her happy so who am I to complain.

Now I just need something to solve the problem of Aria’s insistence in rubbing her food in her hair…

Make My Day Bibs can be purchased here for £14.99. They are suitable from 6 months to three years and come in a wide range of designs including jewels, dicky bows, animals and more.

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