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Review : Riverford Organic ‘Quick’ Recipe Box

2nd October 2016
*Disclosure – We received the Riverford box in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

Regular readers will know that I love a good subscription box, especially when they contain food, which is why when we were asked if we would like to review a Riverford Organic Food box* of our choice we jumped at the chance. We chose to receive the three meal ‘quick’ box for two people. Riverford then sent us the ingredients and recipes to make the three meals displayed on their website.

Review of the Riverford organic quick three meal recipe box for two people - take the stress out of cooking with this food subscription box - receive weekly deliveries of all the fresh food that you need ready measured out to create some delicious, healthy family meals.

Riverford sell a variety of foods and food boxes, the boxes include veg boxes, fruit boxes, vegetarian meals, quick vegetarian meals, original meals and quick original meals. I opted for the quick original box for two people. It is a shame that the boxes don’t come in bigger sizes as with this type of thing I usually order a box for four people which gives me tea for Spencer, Aria and me and then leftovers for lunch the following day. I guess you could just order two boxes but it would be easier if the option for four or even a family box with two adult’s portions and two children’s portions had been there.

Riverford quick box original for two people - recipe cards - chicken breast with salsa verde, torn lasagne, shredded leeks & sun dried tomatoes - north African fish stew with harissa, olives & chickpeas - potato, apple & mung dal curry with mint & cucumber raita
My box arrived promptly on the morning that it was due, I’m not sure of the exact time but it must have been super early as we were up at around 8am and noticed a welcome note had been pushed through the letter box. We were a little confused to have the note and no box, but opened the door to discover that it had been left on the doorstep. Not ideal considering that we don’t have a front garden, so the box had been left on the pavement! I assume that they didn’t want to knock the door and wake us up as they were delivering so early, but it still isn’t ideal as anyone could have walked past and taken it. 

Riverford box potato apple and mung dal curry with mint & cucumber raita

The first meal that I made from the box was the Potato, Apple & Mung Dal Curry with Mint & Cucumber Raita. The recipe indicated that it would take around 40 minutes to prep and cook, if Aria hadn’t have been interrupting me I would say that the timing would have been about right.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this as I like meat in my curry, but the meal was easy to cook, the instructions very easy to follow and it tasted absolutely beautiful. I am now a convert to vegetable curries.

Riverford organic meal north African fish stew with harissa, olives & chickpeas

The second meal was the North African Fish Stew with Harissa, Olives & Chickpeas, again I wasn’t sure what to expect with this as I’ve never liked the thought of fish in a stew, I’m a traditional person who likes beef in my stew, or lamb at a push.

The stew itself was delicious, and again the recipe took around the thirty minutes stated to prep and cook. However, both Spencer and I weren’t impressed with the fish. Neither of us had tried Ling before and we won’t be rushing out to try it again. We found it to be bland and tough, though I am aware that this is personal preference.

chicken breast with quick salsa verde, torn lasagne, shredded leeks & sun dried tomatoes

We  certainly saved the best meal till last with the Chicken Breast with Quick Salsa Verde, Torn Lasagne, Shredded Leeks & Sun-Dried Tomatoes. This dish was packed full of flavour and very satisfying. The recipe card stated that it would take around 30 minutes to prep & cook and, again, I would say that was about right.

Despite a few little negatives overall we really enjoyed the Riverford box. It was great to escape our comfort zone and try meals that we wouldn’t usually try, some of which we will try again, others we now know to cross off our list!

The box contained pretty much everything that we needed and it was all readily measured out which saves a great deal of time. The only things that I had to add were oil, salt and pepper.

I like the little touches, such as the welcome card with a handwritten note and a phone number, and the names, for my local veg team. The food in the boxes is organic and they reuse the box ten times, assuming that you leave it out for collection of course!

The meals were easy to cook and the portions were big, I managed to split our meals for two between the three of us, though Aria does only have small portions.

Click here to find out more and sign up for a Riverford box of your own.

Have you ever tried the Riverford, or any other, recipe box? If not, is is something that you like the idea of?

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