Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

7th May 2018
Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

My husband, Spencer, is a fish enthusiast. He has a huge tank which, in my opinion, is ridiculously over sized and takes up far too much room. He spends hours planning various arrangements and displays for his tank; and Aria gets quite upset that she isn’t allowed to fill his tank with brightly coloured tat. When we were asked if we would like to review the  Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank we knew that it would provide the perfect solution. A small tank for Aria that doesn’t take up much room which she can completely personalise herself, leaving Spencer to proudly arrange his tank in anyway he sees fit.

Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

Spencer got to work setting the 6.8L tank up as soon as it arrived. It was super easy to set up and the size is perfect as it doesn’t take up much room and can easily slot into your home, unlike his monstrosity of a fish tank upstairs! We decided to sit Aria’s new tank on the shelves in our living room, a perfect place for her to sit and watch her very own fish.

Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

Once we had found a home for the Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank we went shopping for decorations. Much to Aria’s delight we let her pick whichever three decorations she wanted, although due to the small size of the tank we did have to put some of her choices back on the shelf and steer her towards the smaller decorations. We even left her to pick the gravel from a choice of colours. It appears that our daughter is a huge fan of bright colours.

Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

Once the decorations were in place and had time to settle, off we went to buy the fish! Aria was left a little disappointed when the lady at the shop wouldn’t allow her to buy the two yellow fish that she so desperately wanted as they were too big for the tank. We were instead offered a choice of two different kinds of teeny tiny fish, thankfully Aria liked these and all was right with the world again! The teeny tiny fish were a very purse friendly £5 for the two, so I too was happy!

Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

Peppa and George seem perfectly happy swimming around in their, very brightly coloured, new home.

Review : Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank

The built in lights and waterfall feature make the Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank super soothing to watch. The waterfall comes with two options, you have the option of letting the water flow for a trickle effect or adding a plastic shoot which silences the water flow; much to my satisfaction as my bladder and the trickle effect don’t compliment each other very well!

The small fish tank is perfect for children, especially those whose parents don’t know a great deal about keeping fish. It is easy to maintain, the filter clips off and the bowl lifts out, which means that water changes will be a doddle. The tank is super lightweight and can easily be moved around with minimal effort.

Overall we are super impressed with the Tetra Cascade Globe Fish Tank, while we wouldn’t recommend it for fish enthusiasts we would highly recommend it for kids or for those just getting started with fish.

If you’re still unsure be sure to check out Beth’s review of the Tetra Cascade Globe.

The Tetra Cascade Globe is available from Amazon.

*Disclosure – We received the fish tank in exchange for an honest review
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