Review : The Baby Swimming Shop

Review : The Baby Swimming Shop

Up until she was one year old Aria had never been swimming, which is pretty shocking to be fair. I bought her a cheap costume from Primark a while back along with some disposable swimming nappies, got all confused as different people told me that they needed to be wearing different things and never ended up going. When I saw The Baby Swimming Shop* I decided to bite the bullet and take Aria swimming. The website was helpful and helped me easily figure out exactly what Aria needed to wear.

review of the baby swimming shop pink zoggs trainer seat pink splash about happy nappy and costume

baby girl happy nappy costume pink swimming costume with built in nappy approved by swim schools costume
I decided to order a training seat, a Happy Nappy Costume, a separate Happy Nappy and some swimming balls. You don’t need to use both the costume and the nappy together as the costume has a built in nappy, I ordered both because we already have a costume that doesn’t come with a built in nappy, I can now use the Happy Nappy underneath that.

baby girl swimming nappy pink blossom happy nappy
The costume and nappy are from the Splash About range, I decided to buy from this range because the Happy Nappy system is the leading brand of swimming nappy covers in the UK and the standard now required by many baby swimming schools not only in the UK but around the world.

Both the Happy Nappy and the costume are easy to put on and off, they look gorgeous and are easy to care for, once you’re done with it just rinse and reuse.

Overall I was really pleased with my experience in ordering from The Baby Swimming Shop, the website is full of tips and information which is great for clueless mother’s like me, delivery was fast and the items are high quality.


  1. 22nd March 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Blake loves swimming we have a happy nappy for him too.I'd also recommended getting s swimming wrap Blake's keeps him much warmer than if he didn't have one.
    Hope Aria has lots of fun swimming.

    • Leanne
      29th March 2016 / 9:45 pm

      Thanks for the tip, Aria did get a little cold last time we went but we have heard of another local pool that is a lot warmer so will try that next time, but if she is still cold I'll definitely get a wrap!
      She loved it thanks 🙂

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