Review : Tuff Luv iPad Cover & Camera Bag

20th January 2015
Secret Garden iPad Case £7.50 (sale item)
Oilcloth DSLR Camera Bag £19.99
I have been looking for a bag for my DSLR since I first had it, over a year ago, and have failed to find one that a) I like and b) is affordable. I saw this particular bag on Jenna’s Christmas present post and just had to buy it as it ticks all of the boxes for me, it is pretty, reasonably priced (most I’ve seen are ugly or overpriced), holds my camera and a few extras.
There is thick padding to sit in between my camera and my lens to stop them knocking on each other which means that my expensive camera and lenses should be well protected. There are plenty of little pockets to store extra bits like USB cable, spare batteries and even a few essentials such as my house keys, phone and bank card.
Overall I am very impressed with my pretty new camera bag and am looking forward to taking it with me on my next outing.
My iPad case had slowly started falling apart so while I was on the site I decided to have a look at their iPad cases. I was quite shocked to find this beautiful secret garden print case reduced to £7.50.
The case slides into the elasticated supports easily and doesn’t budge once in them. The stand is very good and supports the iPad incredibly well. There are four support slots which gives quite a wide variety of levels for the iPad to stand at. The one main downside is that the case isn’t rotatable, which when using apps like Instagram can be a little annoying as they are portrait view only which means holding your iPad rather than being able to stand it up.
Another slight flaw was that the case has a slight pink line on it (bottom picture) from the elasticated strap. I did buy the case in the sale though so am not going to complain about this, I would imagine that if I paid full price this wouldn’t have been the case, my guess is that this has happened as a result of it sitting around in storage for a while.

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