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21st February 2017
toddler running along road - road safety teach them young

Aria being a late walker has meant that I haven’t had to worry about road safety, she has always been safely strapped into her pushchair whenever we have been out and about. Fast forward to month three of walking and I am a wreck. As she becomes more confident road safety is becoming more of a worry, both at home and out. You see, we don’t have a front garden, our front door opens out on to the pavement. All it would take is a split second for Aria to break free and be out on the road.

I try to make safety fun for Aria, but it isn’t always easy. We always look for the green man when using traffic lights which she loves, especially when the lights make the beeping noise, but being forced to hold my hand when walking along a narrow pavement isn’t quite as much fun. Thankfully there are so many resources to help, such as this free interactive road safety quiz. The game guides them through safe crossing, safe bike riding and much more – they even get a certificate at the end. Books are another great way of teaching them and can be referred to time and time again, you know, so that you can really drill it into them!


I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers and asked them to share their top tips, phrases and tricks for keeping their children safe on the roads :

KellyI often say, whether crossing or not, ‘Look where you’re going, not where you’ve been…’

Danielle – We always talk about the green man and what it means. And comment on how some people cross when he is red and how you shouldn’t do that. It upsets biggest a lot sometimes as he really needs people to stick to the rules!

Emily – I always tell my littles that ‘we must always walk when crossing roads, never run’. I’ve started applying it to scooting too now my eldest likes to take her scooter everywhere!

Samantha – Lead by example – don’t cross the road if the green man has yet to appear (even if there is no traffic and it feels like it’s taking ages).

Niki – I always emphasise that we’re not in a rush, there’s no need to run across the road (even if we are running late!)

PaigeI’ve always taught both my children from a young age to never run by the road and to hold my hand, press the button and wait for the green man to appear, hold my hand crossing the road or the pram. If there isn’t a crossing look both ways, listen for any cars listen again then to make it fun we run to the other side.

Sharon – Don’t trust drivers on zebra crossings. My teen daughter was hit (not badly) by a motorist who failed to stop. Wait until they have completely stopped before you step out.

Sarah – I always get mine to get off of their bikes or scooters and walk across the roads. I’ve always said look right, look left and look right again. Always encourage them to walk and not run across the roads!

Kirsty – This song sticks with me from my own childhood, my mum played it for me and I’ll be playing it for my little one: it’s catchy and has a solid meaning.

Samantha – My daughter is only 2.5 but she already knows and understands the phrase ‘cars on the road, people on the path’. Trying to start small and build it up! She repeats it whenever we are out and about.

Lauren – From since they were little, we’ve always said ‘check all around for moving cars’ and been very serious about waiting for the green man, then checking for moving cars before crossing at traffic lights. Seb actually told off a policeman once who was about to cross before the green man arrived!

Julie – To the tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’:

This is the way we cross the road,
Cross the road,
Cross the road,
This is the way we cross the road,
We stop, look and listen.

What are your top tips for teaching children road safety? Please leave them in the comments!


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  • Reply Emily and Indiana 21st February 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I know the feeling – Parker is usually really good at holding hands, but it really does just take one quick moment! Fab post and really helpful tips too x

  • Reply Kelly Allen 21st February 2017 at 11:28 pm

    Amazing tips, it’s so true about not trusting drivers on zebra crossings! xx

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