SHOPKINS™ World Vacation Premiere Party

24th October 2017
Shopkins World Vacation

When I received an email asking me if I would like to receive a party pack to host my very own Shopkins World Vacation Premiere at home I of course said yes, you see I have a Shopkins crazy niece who would never forgive me if I said no and she somehow found out.

Last week saw Shopkins fans everywhere host their own, at home, premiere to celebrate the new release, World Vacation, available for digital download and on DVD here.

The long-awaited Shopkins sequel sees fan favourite Kooky Cookie win the trip of a lifetime to London, but it’s not long before plans start going awry… setting the scene for a round the world adventure as Kooky becomes a fashion icon – and an unwitting owner of the Crown Jewels. And with the mischievous Biscuit Bandits on the loose, can the Shopkins and their best friends, the Shoppies, save the day?

Shopkins World Vacation

We were sent a fantastic bundle of goodies to help us enjoy the premiere, including some of the new figures, which made for a very excited niece as she didn’t have any of this collection until now.

The premiere was enjoyed with some delicious (and very more-ish!) Shopkins iced biscuits from the comfort of my warm and cosy house while I sat on the sofa stealing the biscuits and sniffing the sticker books – seriously, they smell AMAZING!

Do you have a Shopkins crazy family member? How did you enjoy the premiere? Is it just me who likens Shopkins to the modern day Polly Pockets but so much cooler?

*Disclosure – we received Shopkins products in exchange for promotion*

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