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Simple Toddler Craft – Sensory Flower Shaker

15th May 2017
Simple toddler craft flower sensory shaker

For this month’s flower themed craft I decided to do something that Aria could both enjoy making and enjoy playing with, and so we settled on a simple sensory flower shaker. Aria got involved in most aspects of this craft and really enjoyed it, from picking the flowers, to pouring way too much glitter in and shaking the bottle afterwards – I would say it was an all around win!

Tutorial for simple toddler craft flower sensory shaker - you will need

The sensory shaker is simple to make, you can pretty much throw whatever you have lying around the house into it! We started by picking a few flowers from the garden and then we found an empty bottle, some washi tape, glitter pretty gems, buttons, craft flowers and green crepe paper. I also used decoupage glue, scissors and duct tape.

simple toddler craft tutorial for sensory flower shaker - step by step

I started by adding water to my bottle, though it doesn’t really matter which order you do it in. I didn’t fill it to the top just in case the weight of the items made the water rise too high. Aria then added everything in to the bottle, or everything that fit at least, we had to exclude a few of our items as they were too big to fit!

simple toddler craft tutorial for toddler sensory flower shaker - step by step

Once Aria had added the flowers, buttons and gems she added the glitter, all the glitter. If you want to be able to see the flowers you may not want to add quite so much glitter, as we can’t see much else other than glitter, but Aria had fun so it is all good!

Once you are satisfied with the contents of your bottle add more water if required, screw the cap back on and cover with duct tape, then cover with pretty washi tape. Cut some ‘spikes’ into your green crepe paper and glue them onto the bottle, or if you prefer you could paint the ‘grass’ on.

simple toddler craft tutorial for toddler sensory flower shaker - step by step

Once the glue has dried your toddler sensory flower shaker is complete and ready for some serious shaking.

Like it? Pin it!Simple toddler craft tutorial for toddler sensory flower shaker -a step by step tutorial for a craft that your toddler will love to create and play with

*Disclosure – we are Bostik Bloggers and receive a small box of crafts each month in exchange for a themed tutorial – the theme this month is Flowers*

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  • Reply Rebecca 16th May 2017 at 11:52 am

    Aww how cute! I hope to do some fairy light crafts which follows a similar method – empty bottle, glue and lots of glitter!

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