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Slimfast Meal Plan & Iceland Shopping Haul

27th May 2017
Slimfast meal plan and Iceland shopping haul

I’ve been following the Slimfast plan for exactly a month today, and have lost just over 10lbs in that time. I have been eating a shake or meal replacement bar for both breakfast and dinner, enjoying three 100 calorie snacks throughout the day and preparing a 600 calorie or less meal for tea. I’ve found making the meals from scratch hard, both time and calorie counting wise, and so have decided to mix it up with some oven ready meals from Iceland.

I am going to attempt to share my meal plan and the calories here each week, it will be handy for me to look back on and I hope my readers will also find it beneficial. We all know that I’m not the most organised so the weekly plans may or may not happen, but for now, here is week one of my Slimfast meal plan.

Monday – Carrot fries (150g, 177 kcal), slow cooked pulled gammon (150g, 157 kcal) & egg (1 egg, 78 kcal) – total calories 412

Tuesday – Egg (1 egg, 78 kcal), ham (100g, 112 kcal)  & beans (1/3 tin, 121 kcal) on toast (2 slices 50/50 bread, 204kcal) – total calories 515

Wednesday – Baby potatoes with herbs & butter (150g, 123 kcal), breaded cod fillet (253 kcal), lettuce (2 cups, 13 kcal), cucumber (100g, 16 kcal), tomato (50g, 9 kcal), healthier choice salad cream (2 tbsp, 40 kcal) – total calories 454

Thursday – Slimming World Burger (159 kcal), brioche roll (154 kcal), cheese slice (56 kcal), tomato (50g, 9 kcal), lettuce (1 cup, 7 kcal) & sweet potato chips (100g, 184 kcal) – total calories 569

Friday – Chicken (100g sliced chicken breast, 120 kcal), egg fried rice (200g, 298 kcal) & pitta bread (161 kcal) – total calories – 579

Saturday – Sausage (2 thick Richmond sauces, 250 kcal), tinned tomatoes (1/2 tin, 37 kcal), wholemeal pasta (100g cooked, 148 kcal), fresh basil (2 tbsp, 1 kcal) – total calories 436

Sunday – Pizza (1/3 pizza, 317 kcal) & garlic bread (3 pieces, 222 kcal) – total calories 539

Please note that calories and servings are approximate. 

Slimming World burger with cheese and sweet potato fries as part of slimfast weekly meal plan

I am so surprised at just how much I can eat. All of these meals are quick, convenient, delicious, and, most importantly, under 600 calories.

I tend to shop around for my Slimfast products, Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 Slimfast offer, ChemistDirect are usually very reasonably priced and I’ve also set up some subscribe & save items on Amazon.

See my Iceland shopping haul here  :

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