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Slimming World Weekly Weigh In #15

5th November 2015
This week I had a gain, an expected gain and one that I was very happy with. I went on holiday and actually expected to put on more than I did because I had a very good time, and with me a good time usually involves calorific items.
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I’m not sharing a food diary this week because the food has been very naughty and sharing photos of it would be extremely cruel when people who are on a weight loss journey are viewing this post. I’m just going to say I didn’t hold back, I ate everything that I wanted and more and as a result I gained 2 & 1/2 pounds, I’ll be honest, I deserved to gain at least half a stone with what I ate!
I’m on a slow weight loss journey which means that I will allow myself to go crazy at times, if I stick to it through every holiday and event I will only end up resenting the plan and eventually falling off track completely. It took me a long time to pile the weight on and I expect it to take a long time to lose it. 
I plan on being back on track 100% this week, I even stuck to plan after weigh in yesterday opting for a steak and jacket potato in Wetherspoons instead of my usual naughty post weigh in treat. I am struggling as I am super stressed out with catching up on everything from holiday. I am behind in everything including washing, house work, blogging, emails, shopping, everything! I am also working a lot of hours this week as people are off which has left me even more stressed. Usually stress means that I am reaching for chocolate but instead this time around it is resulting in me skipping meals, because I feel that I haven’t got time to eat. I guess this change in stress eating is down to now being a parent, when I’m short of time I make sure that Aria is clean and fed, I come bottom of the pile now. 
How do you cope with keeping on track of everything and still eating healthy? Please share your tips. 

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