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Slimming World Weekly Weigh in #17 – The Struggle

18th November 2015

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling, a lot. My motivation has gone. I gained half a pound this week, which actually surprised me because in all honesty I deserved to have gained more.

slimming world weekly weigh in blog post

My clothes are no longer tight on me because I’ve lost one and a half stone, the colder weather means that I can hide under baggy jumpers and coats and am not wearing clothes that result in my thighs rubbing together. I eat with my emotions and it has been an emotional week. I am also the queen of excuses. 

Wednesday I was quite unwell, I felt a little better in the evening so treated myself to a pizza. Friday I still felt sorry for myself so ordered yet another pizza. Saturday I decided to go hand my CV into some local shops because I wanted to find a new job, I was asked to fill one application form in and take it straight back, so I filled it in in Starbucks with a coffee and a cake. Sunday we went out for food with friends, they had an offer on three courses for £12 and I couldn’t resist. Monday I decided that I needed to be back on plan 100%, I even ate salad for lunch, that morning I got myself a new job, husband bought me chocolate cake to celebrate. Tuesday I had a whole day on plan – amazing!

As you can see from the above, when I’m down I eat, when I’m happy I eat, when I’m stressed I eat. This is no good at all and I really need to change my mindset and reward/cheer myself up with something other than naughty food.

My consultant has given me a food diary to fill in this week, I am hoping that this will motive me to stick to plan. I am going out for a meal with the girls on Saturday night and will be naughty then, but other than that I am really hoping that writing it down will give me the kick that I need.

How do you stick to plan when you are feeling comfortable and have lost all motivation? Do you eat your emotions?

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