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Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #16

11th November 2015
I’ve had an okay week this past week, which is annoying because I wanted to have a 100% on plan week. I started well, I even tried to behave on Wednesday after weigh in which is something that I never do. Unfortunately a lot of extra hours in work have taken their toll and the stress is creeping in which is making me want naughty foods. I am actually doing well at keeping the naughty foods to a minimum which isn’t like me, but the minimum needs to be zero!
I was very happy to weigh today and find that I have lost 3lb, I have now lost exactly 1 & 1/2 stone. I’m hoping to shift at least another half a stone by Christmas, but really would like more.

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Carry on reading for this week’s food diary.


Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Steak, jacket potato, mushroom and tomato at Wetherspoons (syns for butter and oil)
Tea – KFC original chicken rice box 10.5 syns


slimming world burrito in a bowl with guacamole and cheese

Breakfast – 2 hi bars
Tea – Burrito in a bowl (9 syns for burrito bowls, 4 for avocado used in guacamole)
Snacks – Chocolate orange Muller Light and milk in two cups of coffee (counting 2 syns as not measured out)
Healthy extras – 40g lighter cheese and 2 hi fi bars
Total syns – 15

slimming world meals salmon egg salad bbq chicken melt with sweet potato chips and salad

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Salmon, salad and fried egg
Tea – BBQ chicken melt, spicy sweet potato fries and salad (I used this recipe for the syn free BBQ sauce, but I used one small red onion and one small white onion and skipped the mustard)
Healthy extras – 40g lighter cheese and 2 hi fi bars
Snacks – hi fi bar (3 syns) 50ml semi skimmed milk in coffee (1.5 syns)
Total syns – 4.5

slimming world baked oats

Breakfast – Baked oats (1 syn for cooked fruit)
Lunch – Jacket potato with tuna, mayo, sweetcorn and salad
Tea – Chicken shish kebab with salad and pitta bread, 1 slice of hubby’s pizza
Snacks – Latte and samplers while shopping in M&S

slimming world tomato chicken & bacon pasta

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Chicken & bacon pasta – for the sauce I fried chicken, bacon, garlic and red onion until cooked, I then added a small tub of quark and passata to taste, delicious way of using up my fridge leftovers
Tea – Buffet food & cake (mother-in-law’s birthday)
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk & 2 hi fi bars

slimming world steak & bubble and squeak

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Leftover pasta from Sunday
Tea – Steak, mushrooms, onions and speed packed bubble and squeak with 3 syns of branston pickle
Healthy extras – 2 hi fi bars and 250ml semi skimmed milk
Syns – 2 chocolate biscuits and a small bar of raw chocolate

slimming world salmon salad and fried rice

Breakfast – 2 wetabix, milk, strawberries & banana
Lunch – Salmon salad
Tea – Prawn & mushroom fried rice
Snacks – 1 hi bar bar (3 syns), 3 chocolate biscuits
Healthy extras  – Weetabix and milk

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