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Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #18

25th November 2015

Last week I mentioned that I was really struggling to motivate myself to stick to plan. Just admitting to that helped a lot and seemed to make me more focussed. I did still have a few days of naughtiness but overall I managed to stick to plan and as a result lost 1.5lbs.

As for the week ahead, I had my binge today as I always do on weigh day, I know this doesn’t work for everyone but it does for me. I ordered Indian for tea tonight and ordered a bit more so that I can have the leftovers tomorrow, I’m at a funeral and don’t think I’ll want to cook afterwards. Other than that I am hoping to be on plan 100% for the rest of the week.

slimming world weekly weigh in and food diary header photo

slimming world tomato and sausage pasta
slimming world turkey burger chips and cheesy garlic mushroom
Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars
Lunch – 4 Slimming World sausages, Slimming World tomato sauce & pasta
Tea – Turkey burger, parsnips, carrots, chips, cheesy garlic mushroom, onions, tomato & cucumber
Healthy Extras – 20g lighter cheese, 125ml semi skimmed milk and 2 hi-fi bars
Total syns – 0

slimming world diet coke chicken and spinach
slimming world chilli and potatoes
Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars
Lunch – Diet coke chicken, rice & spinach
Tea – Speedy chilli, roasted new potatoes, cheese & pickled onions
Snacks – hi-fi bar (3 syns)
Healthy extras – 2 hi-fi bars, 20g lighter cheese and 125ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 3

Saturday (off plan)

Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars, Muller Light & apple
Lunch – salami and dried pork snacks
Tea – Meal out – burger, chips, chocolate cake & custard and alcohol

slimming world cheesy garlic chicken, italian chicken and rice
Breakfast/Lunch – Sausage & egg sandwich
Tea – Cheesy garlic chicken, Italian chicken, garlic & spinach rice, carrots and parsnip
Snacks – Hot chocolate (1.5 syns), cream (5 syns), marshmallows (4 syns), popcorn (5 syns) and apple
Healthy extras – 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 20g light cheese and 125ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 15.5


Breakfast – 2 weetabix, milk and blueberries
Lunch – Subway beef salad
Tea – Buttered bean & pork casserole with small wholemeal bread roll (tea at in-laws, no idea on syns)
Pudding – Rock cake
Snacks – Costa medium skinny latte (5.5 syns) and banana
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk and 2 weetabix

slimming world speedy spag bol
Breakfast – Weetabix, milk and mixed berries
Lunch – M&S Sushi (4 syns) and fruit salad
Tea – Speedy spag bol and pickled onions
Snacks – Costa medium skinny latte (5.5 syns), hi-fi bar (3 syns) and Lindor Moment (6 syns)
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk and 2 weetabix
Total syns – 18.5

What have you been eating this week? What are your favourite healthy Winter warmers?

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