Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys And Banish Clutter From Your Home

Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys And Banish Clutter From Your Home

We’re all guilty of being excited parents and buying our children loads of toys. At the time, we don’t really think about what we’re doing, we just want to get them something to play with. But, we forget that relatives also buy them toys, which causes your home to end up looking like Toys-R-Us.

To make things worse, your child will quickly grow out of certain toys, and they’ll just be left collecting dust and taking up space. As a result, your home falls victim to lots and lots of clutter.

But, you can easily banish clutter from your home if you get rid of these old toys once and for all. You don’t have to throw them away, in fact, I discourage this! Instead, think about one of these options instead:

Sell Them Online

You spent a lot of money buying all those toys, so it’s a shame to see it all go to waste. If you want, you can try and recoup some of the cash by selling the toys online. It’s very easy, there are sites like eBay where you can do this and then mail the toys to the recipient. Some people think this option isn’t good for them as they have lots of large bulky items that can’t be sent in the post. Don’t worry, there are sites like Shiply where you can find people with vans to deliver your old toys to the new owners. Regardless of whether the toys are large or small, there’s always a way to sell them on and earn back some money. The great thing is, it’s been so long since you bought the toys it actually feels like you’re making money!

 Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys And Banish Clutter From Your Home

Donate Them To Charity

A really good way of getting rid of your kid’s old toys is to collect them all up in a large bag and take them to your local charity shop. A lot of charities such as Oxfam will gladly accept kids toys as a donation. Make sure you double check beforehand as you don’t want to turn up with loads of toys only for them to turn you down. Obviously, you’re doing a good deed by doing this, and it takes no effort at all. Why throw them in the rubbish when you can donate them to a good cause?

 Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys And Banish Clutter From Your Home

Give Them To Family Members

If you don’t have the time to sell the toys, or you live far away from the closest charity shop, you still have one other option. Give the old toys to other family members such as your nephews/nieces, cousins, etc. Just because your child has finished playing with the toys, doesn’t mean someone else in your extended family won’t enjoy them! If you’ve got brothers or sisters with young children, they might benefit from these old toys. It saves them money as they don’t have to buy their kids toys, and it keeps their children happy!

There you go; three ways you can get rid of old toys without chucking them in the bin. By doing this, you will see a much more spacious and clutter-free home.

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