Styles That Will Never Die Deserve A Place In Your Home

Of course, wherever you go you see the same old mantra being given out that modern design is the most chic and abstract, and anyone who can’t see the beauty of simplistic design has an old fashioned taste. However, the reason why the contemporary design for homes is still in fashion these days is because it respects history or at the very least, takes inspiration from it. Modern interior designs are very shape and angular, they lack the swinging vines and swooping curves of the styles that were adored in centuries gone by. It’s almost as if modern design tries to be different, purely for the sake of it, but instead, exudes very brutish and domineering designs with very little elegance. Styles that never die, from the oh so glorious Victorian Era and the form over function Georgian Period are just some of the examples of styles, which deserve a place in your home.

The Polish eagle

The eagle is much celebrated all across Poland because it represents the country’s will to be strong and stands on its own two feet. During the late 19th century, the war had begun to die down in the country, and this saw the law ditch effort of the interior designers of the time to once more bring the eagle into life. You can add a red and gold Polski eagle cushion to your bedroom as a comfort pillow. The design is the emblem of the Polish Army today as well and is much loved by many Eastern Europeans who see their heyday being during the era when Napoleon met his downfall. Made from cotton, and stuffed with wool or cotton as well, the cushion is designed as decoration as well as minimal function. You can rest your elbow on it while laying in bed, or use it as a backrest for an office chair.

Photo credit – Heather Cowper

Georgian lavishness

The Georgian Era was the time when Europe had truly gotten into its stride of design and finally worked out what was the direction the continent wanted to go in, regarding good and bad taste. The Georgian Era was one of a kind, and you can still see buildings from the period scattered across cities like London, Berlin, Paris, and even parts of Rome. A great way to bring this style into your home would be to light a fire in your living room whenever you wished. Choose from a selection of fine Georgian fireplaces, and stand in awe at the level of carpentry skill needed to make these boastful yet delicate carvings.

Image by – Jorge Royan

The power of Victoria

Queen Victoria was an incredibly influential monarch with regards to style. She well and truly shaped the nation with her bold combination of countryside fashion, with a practical war-like snug fitting approach. Both for men and women, she showed the way how to dress and design a home that exerts power and smart lines. Incorporate a glass cabinet from the era into your lounge area, in which you can display family photos, achievements, art or even books.

Whatever pastime era you want to make a part of your home, sometimes you need to look to the past to compare the true quality of the present. Modern design can be befitting of a home, but a style that has lasted the ages, designed and relished by people who are themselves consigned to history, these are the pieces that deserve to be a part of every modern home.

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