Your Sure-Fire Guide to Encountering Excellent Part-Time Money Makers Within the Stock Market

Your Sure-Fire Guide to Encountering Excellent Part-Time Money Makers Within the Stock Market

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Microsoft have all performed well in recent years and if the past is any indicator, they should continue down this path into the foreseeable future.

Forex Positions

The currency exchange is another viable option, for short-term gains are always a possibility. Considering that the value of the pound is set to fall throughout the remainder of 2017, there may be chances to capitalise upon such downward momentum. Still, always be certain to trade responsibly to help minimise the chances of a substantial loss.

Managed Portfolios

As the cost of living continues to rise throughout the United Kingdom, many individuals are looking outside of the proverbial box in order to generate sustainable wealth. These part-time investors are now able to take advantage of a wealth of opportunities and therefore, it is important to appreciate which sectors and approaches may prove to be the most fruitful. Not all opportunities are created equally and we should therefore examine those which are the most relevant in regards to generating additional liquidity. You may very well be surprised at what this article has to offer.


Precious metals have always performed well in a unpredictable climate. Considering how the Trump administration has already shaken the markets, many feel that gold is a worthwhile investment from a short-term perspective. Some analysts believe that prices as high as $1,485 an ounce are not at all out of the question.

Having made this observation, it is still important to mention that nothing moves forward in a straight line. The price of gold will likely vacillate over time. This is the primary reason why medium-term holds are recommended. They will help to mitigate the effects of any short-term volatility.

Black Gold

Anyone who has followed the markets over the past few years is well aware of the fact that the prices of oil have fallen precipitously. However, what goes down can and will rise once again. Many analysts feel that this exact scenario will take place throughout the remainder of 2017. Some are even predicting values as high as $65 dollars a barrel. This would represent quite a gain when compared to current prices. As OPEC is likely to recommend production cuts to counteract the negative ratio of supply to demand, crude could very well prove to be a worthwhile investment option.

Blue-Chip Stocks

These are often referred to as the “meat and potatoes” of the trading community, and for good reason. Blue-chip holdings offer greater levels of stability when compared to small-cap companies. These are also excellent options if you have been hoping to access dividends alongside physical returns. Firms such as Apple, Facebook and

The main advantage associated with a managed portfolio is that it will tend to have a diverse spectrum of holdings. Examples here often include:

  • Blue-chip stocks.
  • A certain amount of binary (short-term) positions.
  • CFDs.
  • Forex holdings.
  • Commodities.

While it is certainly possible to employ a physical account manager, a growing number of part-time traders are choosing to use online investment platforms to oversee their holdings on a daily basis. This brings us to our next notable suggestion.

Online Trading

This is arguably the most important point, for there are numerous portals which offer digital investment services. Still, not every website is created equally. There are a handful of key factors to consider before registering with a specific provider. Some common considerations include:

  • The type of electronic trading system offered.
  • The minimum levels of investment.
  • The number of contact points offered if you encounter a problem.
  • How many underlying assets are you able to trade?

Additional variables such as the spreads offered and the reputation of the portal are also points to examine. All of these benefits can be leveraged by registering with CMC Markets. Quality is paramount in order to improve the chances of accruing sustainable wealth over time.

These are some proven methods which may help to provide you with extra liquidity. Part-time trading can be very rewarding if the correct amount of research is performed in advance.


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