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Surviving Back to School with a Newborn {AD}

14th October 2018

*Disclosure – This post is sponsored as part of my role as a Very Ambassador*

At the end of August not only did I celebrate welcoming Carrie into our family and making it through the hottest Summer ever (only slightly exaggerating) while heavily pregnant, I also celebrated the fact that we had survived the Summer holidays. I love my darling daughter Aria to bits, but six weeks with no nursery is hard going. Especially while heavily pregnant in the hottest Summer ever (almost).

Despite breathing a sigh of relief at the Summer holidays being over we stumbled across quite a few hurdles. I now have two children to deal with, one of whom has to be in school by a certain time, and also needs to be picked up at a certain time. One of whom is now struggling and has needed to be perked up quite a few times during this school term.

I wasn’t sure how I would take to life as a mum of two, or how Aria would take to life as a big sister. Aria has always been the centre of both mine and Spencer’s attention, I was sure we would struggle to split that attention and also sure she would struggle to receive less of that attention. And we have struggled, all of us.

We love our little family of four and wouldn’t change it for the world. But it is hard. Carrie often ends up left crying because she is hungry but we need to get Aria to school. Aria often ends up crying because she wants food/a drink/*insert other random request here* and I’m feeding Carrie so I can’t meet her demands right that very second. Spencer and I are struggling because we are tired, sleepless nights with a baby coupled with early morning school runs sure are taking their toll.

I can’t dedicate as much time to Aria to show her that she is still super special to me, so instead I’ve been rewarding her for being an amazing big sister and a good girl both in and out of school. Getting out to the shops with two is proving to be difficult, but with Very at hand I needn’t worry, they make shopping SO easy, some would say too easy…

Aria’s favourite rewards are toys (of course) and clothes, she gets very excited by new clothes. Very have a fab range of on trend kids clothes that you won’t find on the high street making Aria’s wardrobe both unique and awesome.

Another of Aria’s favourite after school treats is to go for an autumn walk in the sunshine. Carrie usually sleeps in pushchair so it feels like it’s just Aria and I. We prepare for any breastfeeding stops by taking one of Aria’s favourite toys and wearing my cape, which is the perfect breastfeeding cover and can even be used as a glamorous picnic blanket if we get desperate!

We are all struggling with school at the moment, this term seems to have lasted forever and we really could use a break. Aria is so grumpy right now, and while I enjoy my break when she is in nursery, it really isn’t worth the fury that she unleashes when she returns home. All I hear lately is “I NEED CHOCOLATE” and “I’m SO tired”, I’m really hoping a week off will make her smile again.

You’ll now find me throwing all the money I’ve saved by shopping Very into the wishing well and wishing for this school term to be over so that I can have plenty of snuggles with Aria, and the shark blanket, obvs.

Shop our looks and toy collection :

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  • Reply Alice 15th October 2018 at 5:53 am

    I hope this week flies by for you and it’s HT before you know it xx

  • Reply Helen Neale 15th October 2018 at 7:00 am

    Oh poor you – but well survived. It’s been such a hot hot summer and can’t imagine being pregnant in it as well. Loving the Very looks – particularly the sass outfit!

  • Reply Emma Amoscato 15th October 2018 at 9:37 am

    I loooove the shark blanket!

  • Reply Grace @ Eats Amazing 16th October 2018 at 8:50 pm

    I’m off to do a bit of online shopping! LOVE those PJs and that shark blanket is awesome, my boys would love it! Hope things get easier for you soon, it’s so hard to adjust from one to two isn’t it!

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