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review of AVA Advanced Nutrition breed specific kibble for Cockapoos

Finding the Right Food For Our Cockapoo

We’ve been dog owners for almost a year now, it’s been a challenging year. The whole family have had to adapt to life with a dog, it really is such a big change. We’ve learnt a lot along the way, most recently we’ve discovered…

3rd June 2018
black and white and grey and white cats my pet story

My Pet Story

From as far back as I can remember I’ve always had cats. When I was a lot younger we had a ginger cat called Cat, original I know, but Cat adopted us, he was never really ours but we all fell in love with…

2nd April 2018
Dog Christmas outfits

Dog Christmas Outfits – My Top Picks

photo credit – Jenny Giles Photography As a family we tend to wear a lot of festive clothing throughout December, Aria and I like to wear twinning Christmas dresses and we all like to wear an array of Christmas jumpers, even the dog likes to…

6th December 2017