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Money Saving Plans for 2017

*Post contains my personal referral codes, but isn’t sponsored* Now that I have left my job for my blog I am aiming to seriously cut down on costs in 2017. Self-employment comes with a great deal of uncertainty, not knowing where or when you…

6th January 2017

New Baby Housework Hacks

When you’ve just had a baby housework is the last thing on your mind. This combined with the fact that you will have more visitors than ever before means getting inventive and creating housework hacks.  I have picked up quite a few along the…

26th April 2015

Lifestyle Tip #5 : The Multiple Uses for Old Tights

I’m pretty sure that by now most of us are keen recyclers, if I can find another use for something that has broken I’m always happy about it. I didn’t realise just how many uses there were for laddered tights so have always thrown…

3rd March 2014

Lifestyle Tip #4

I am bringing this tip to you as part of Zanussi’s #EasyTeam – visit their Facebook page for more tips.  Make your Valentine’s flowers last long by crushing an Aspirin into the water before adding the flowers to it, don’t forget to change the…

19th February 2014

Lifestyle Tip #3

This tip is part of Zanussi’s #EasyTeam – visit their facebook page for more tips. To easily clean a grill that is covered in grease and burnt on fat wrap it in newspaper and soak it in water overnight, by morning it will easily…

2nd February 2014