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I’m Jealous of My Pregnant Friends

I always wanted two girls, and now I have two girls. My family is done. So why am I jealous of my pregnant friends? I scroll through facebook and see a pregnancy announcement, I congratulate my friend, but I can’t help that feeling. I…

8th April 2019

Self Care & Ageing Gracefully

This coming year sees me turning 33. People born in the year 2000 will turn 18. How is that even possible? Surely people born in 2000 are still babies! My nan always used to say “you know you’re getting old when the Policemen are…

29th December 2017
swearing in front of kids - is it okay? Living my life through fear of judgement
Lifestyle Parenting

Living my Life Through Fear of Judgement

Recently big mummy bloggers like Constance Hall and Toby and Roo have openly spoken about the fact that they swear in front of their children and they see no harm in doing so. This whole debate has me questioning why I do and don’t…

15th August 2017
reclaiming me after motherhood

Reclaiming me After Motherhood

It has taken over two years, but I finally feel as though I have found ‘me’ again, not just mam, but me. Don’t get me wrong I love being Aria’s mam but boy I have missed being me, being Leanne. People used to say…

22nd June 2017
Is there such a thing as the clumsy gene? I'm almost certainly sure that there must be.

The Clumsy Gene

I often wonder if there is such a thing as a clumsy gene. In fact I’m 99% sure that there is one. I am ridiculously clumsy, and now, my daughter is too. I’m forever falling over things, I’m almost always covered in bruises and…

19th April 2017