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on becoming a school mum

On Becoming a ‘School’ Mum

While stood at the school gate waiting to pick my daughter up from her first day at nursery it hit me, I’m a school mum now. No more lazy days of not showering or getting dressed because I have too much work to do.…

9th September 2017

Home : Updated Nursery Tour

Not finding out the sex of our baby meant that we had to decorate the Nursery in gender neutral colours, we opted for grey & yellow, which you can see here. Now that Aria has arrived I have gone a little crazy adding A…

18th July 2015

Tour of Aria’s Nappy Changing Table

When planning Aria’s nursery we debated whether or not to get a changing table, a lot of people said they bought them but tended not to use them opting to just change them where ever they were when they needed changing. We decided to…

31st May 2015

Home : The Nursery so far

 We haven’t finished our Nursery just yet and have decided that we’re not going to until baby has arrived and we know the sex. It is surprisingly difficult to find nice items in the grey, yellow and white colour scheme and we thought it…

13th February 2015