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wanted mum friend for boozy nights and rants

Wanted : Mum Friend for Boozy Nights, Rants & Support

Must live within walking/stumbling distance. We will be drinking and we don’t want a taxi time limit. Must enjoy drinking. Must enjoy sharing chocolate. Must enjoy pizza/Chinese/Indian/*insert other fatty takeaway options here* Must enjoy drinking. Must be willing to listen to my husband and…

20th August 2017
reclaiming me after motherhood

Reclaiming me After Motherhood

It has taken over two years, but I finally feel as though I have found ‘me’ again, not just mam, but me. Don’t get me wrong I love being Aria’s mam but boy I have missed being me, being Leanne. People used to say…

22nd June 2017
motherhood the lonely truth - motherhood is lonely

Motherhood, The Lonely Truth

Isn’t it strange, how you can be so lonely yet rarely alone? Motherhood sure is a strange, and very often, lonely place. I was lucky, there were several people who I knew on maternity leave at the same time as me, we bonded over…

10th March 2017

The Twatty Twos

aka, the terrible twos. That’s right, my sweet little daughter is officially a twatty two. She isn’t even two until next month, she is behind with pretty much everything else but she just couldn’t wait to get this ‘phase’ started. I use inverted commas…

25th January 2017