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pregnancy number 1 vs pregnancy number 2

Pregnancy Number 1 vs Pregnancy Number 2

While the majority of my pregnancy symptoms are the same second time around, I’m not. Pregnancy number one was full of excitement, fear of the unknown and marking every single memory. Pregnancy number two is going by in a haze and I’m pretty sure…

30th April 2018
defined by tiredness

Defined by Tiredness

“If you’re so tired why don’t you just go to bed?” I never just do nothing. If I want ‘me time’ the only option is to stay up late, usually watching back to back episodes of trashy TV on Netflix. I’m tired, I should be…

17th October 2017
The Curse of the Work From Home Mum

The Curse of the Work From Home Mum

Being a work from home mum is most definitely a blessing. I get to spend more time with my daughter, I get to take my daughter to appointments, I get to take her to and from nursery, I have total flexibility to be there…

11th October 2017
on becoming a school mum

On Becoming a ‘School’ Mum

While stood at the school gate waiting to pick my daughter up from her first day at nursery it hit me, I’m a school mum now. No more lazy days of not showering or getting dressed because I have too much work to do.…

9th September 2017
wanted mum friend for boozy nights and rants

Wanted : Mum Friend for Boozy Nights, Rants & Support

Must live within walking/stumbling distance. We will be drinking and we don’t want a taxi time limit. Must enjoy drinking. Must enjoy sharing chocolate. Must enjoy pizza/Chinese/Indian/*insert other fatty takeaway options here* Must enjoy drinking. Must be willing to listen to my husband and…

20th August 2017