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review of AVA Advanced Nutrition breed specific kibble for Cockapoos

Finding the Right Food For Our Cockapoo

We’ve been dog owners for almost a year now, it’s been a challenging year. The whole family have had to adapt to life with a dog, it really is such a big change. We’ve learnt a lot along the way, most recently we’ve discovered…

3rd June 2018
Travall dog guard review - dog car guard
Pets Reviews

The Story of the Car Sick Dog – Travall Guard Review

There once was a car sick dog named Dobby. Dobby’s parents loved travelling and so this really wasn’t an ideal situation. Dobby’s parents didn’t want them and the car covered in sick. Dobby’s parents were smart, Dobby’s parents got the Travall transport pack. Not…

30th November 2017

Cat Neckerchiefs

Cat Neckerchiefs £0.99 with free P&P A little while ago I purchased neckerchiefs for Kitty and Flick. They were only 99p and look fab. Our cats are used to wearing collars and didn’t react any differently to these than they do any normal collar.…

11th October 2013