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Product Photography for Bloggers
Blogging Photography

Product Photography for Bloggers

One of the many questions that I see asked over and over again in the blogging world is “just how do you take your product photos?” With this in mind I decided to put together a little ‘how to’ showcasing product photography for bloggers.…

18th November 2017
Perfecting your instagram photography
Blogging Photography

Perfecting Your Instagram Photography

Pretty much every man and their dog wants to be insta-famous nowadays (seriously, some of those dog accounts are killing it!). Instagram is no longer about sharing a photo in the moment, it is about creating a gallery, a beautifully curated gallery, and while…

27th June 2017

Tips for Photographing Newborns

*This is a Collaborative Post* Newborns are new for such a short time that it’s really important to capture their soft, well, newness before it evaporates and they become more alert and part of the world. You’d think that photographing newborn babies would be…

5th January 2017