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weekly food plan - creamy chicken with spinach

Weekly Meal Plan #3 – Baby Led Weaning Friendly

Confession time, I’ve fallen off the wagon with meal planning. I always have a week or two of being super organised and on plan, and then a week or two of living in limbo with empty cupboards and eating far too many takeaways. Time…

4th April 2019
Sweet potato, chicken & paprika tray bake - A Baby Led Weaning Friendly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan #2 – A Baby Led Weaning Friendly Meal Plan

Last week’s meals have been a hit so far, even with the baby (well, she enjoyed playing with them at least!). The lentils in the beef mince worked really well, you honestly wouldn’t have noticed they were there if you didn’t know. The five…

9th March 2019
Parenting Reviews

Similac Growing Up Milk Review*

*I have been sponsored by Similac to try Similac Follow On Milk/Growing Up Milk and write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own* Now that Aria is fully weaned I still want to ensure that she is getting the best that…

8th November 2016

Baby’s First Christmas : Festive Finger Food

This year, with a little bit of help from Organix, I decided to introduce the festive spirit into some of Aria’s meals. These festive meals are ideal for pretty much any age range, from babies and toddlers right through to children and young at…

22nd December 2015

Review – The Messy Mat

Weaning is messy, especially when your baby decides that throwing food on the floor is an extremely funny thing to do. In your own home it is annoying, when at a friend or relatives home it can be embarrassing, especially if they are eating…

7th November 2015