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The Ten Stages of Dieting
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The Ten Stages of Dieting

We’ve all been there, and by all I mean all of us serial dieters. Us yo yo dieters. Those of us who like to experiment with the latest fad diets. Those of us who are never happy with our weight and are always planning…

14th June 2017
my bid to get fit - picture of trespass walking boots in grass

My Bid To Get Fit

Spring has well and truly sprung and with it comes heaps of motivation and sunshine. This week I’ve gone on long walks. This week I’ve had a clear out and donated bags of clothing to charity. The sun makes me proactive and determined and…

6th April 2017
When the going gets tough, the fat get fatter - I am out of control, I am obese and I can't stop eating my emotions - overweight and struggling
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When The Going Gets Tough, The Fat Get Fatter

I’m fat. I’m overweight and struggling. I am out of control, I can’t stop eating. I’ve hit self destruct and I can’t find a way back. I’m uncomfortable and self conscious. Working from home means that I don’t see people very often, on the rare…

12th February 2017