Taking Care of your Pets When you go on Holiday

Taking Care of your Pets When you go on Holiday

Going on holiday can cause quite an internal dilemma when you have a pet at home. Do you bring your furry friend along? Find a friendly neighbour or friend to pop in and feed them/walk them? Or send them for a short stay in a cattery or kennel? Even from there, there are so many options. If you decide to take your pet with you, there are a few vital things you must do so your pet will be happy and healthy while traveling. If you’re going to leave them behind you face not only the fact they’ll miss you while you’re gone (and vice versa) but also choosing the right option for them, you and your bank balance. The decision is ultimately the owner’s, but here are some tips to help you make the right one for you and your pet.

Taking your Pets with you on holiday

Taking your pets with you on holiday means really considering their needs so they are comfortable during travel and at your final destination. From air travel and accommodation to your itinerary, be sure what you book and where you go throughout your holiday will accommodate your furry friend. Be sure to choose pet-friendly accommodation. Arrange a visit to the vet first and foremost to be sure they have good health, the right treatments/vaccines and pet insurance required to travel well and get a pet passport. Then ask around to learn what transport companies your family and friends have had good experiences with, and then be sure that the policies are up to date and accommodating. If travelling abroad, it is advisable to use a company that specialises in how to transport animals in Europe, like Blisspets, to ensure your pet arrives safely at holiday destination. They are able to provide assistance with all the paperwork and rules involved.

Taking your pets with you may be ideal for you so you don’t have to imagine leaving him or her behind for the duration of your holiday, but remember to make sure it is what is best for your pet. For example, this might be easier with a dog than a cat, as dogs are generally more focused on people, whereas cats tend to be more interested in their location.

Leaving your Pets at home

If you are going to leave your pets at home, it is important to make sure they won’t be facing too much change in their day-to-day life while you are away. For example- you can let them stay at a cattery or kennel (a bit of an old-fashioned idea but often the most comfortable and safe option) or they could stay with a ‘home boarder’ essentially a dog lover who takes other people’s pets into their own home. If it is better for your pet to stay in the usual environment and home, ask a friend or neighbour to pop in to feed and walk them, or perhaps even ask someone to move into your house to take care of them while you are away- stock up the fridge with goodies as way of saying thank you. As long as food, attention and walks are ensured, your pet will miss you, but also be happy. And don’t forget to pick up a little gift from wherever you are travelling to for the person kind enough to help you out.

Going on holiday when you have a pet is entirely doable! The most important thing is to do your research in the planning of your pet care or just enjoy the fact that your furry friend can come with you to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

*Written In collaboration with Mary J*


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