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12th May 2017
turn tears into smiles when your toddler falls over using character plasters from elastoplast

Aria was a late walker which meant that we had almost two years of parenting without having to deal with the over exaggerated strops and tantrums as a direct of falling over and ‘hurting’ herself. In recent months we have seen Aria become more and more confident with her walking, and even running, which has resulted in more and more trips and slips and pretty much permanently grazed knees.

toddler's yellow hunter wellies and pink tutu

Of course we know that outdoor play is SO important and that wrapping Aria in cotton wool isn’t going to do anyone any favours in the long run; and so, we need to be on hand to quickly turn the tears into smiles following a fall.

turning tears into smiles with elastoplast character plasters

So how do we turn tears into smiles? With mammy’s magical kisses of course!

We always try to ignore the fall at first, running over and checking on Aria straight away is pretty much a way to guarantee tears. Ignorance really can be bliss and if no one reacts sometimes Aria will just bounce back up and carry on.

If this doesn’t work then mammy simply kisses the ‘wound’ better and covers it with a fun character plaster. Whether necessary or not these cheerful colourful plasters from Elastoplast are almost guaranteed to put a smile on your tantrum-ing toddlers face. In case of a ‘serious’ accident I have to tell the offended floor/grass/ball that it is naughty too. This tends to results in Aria gently hitting the offended article while giggling, and most importantly, forgetting all about her stresses and woes.

turning tears into smiles when your toddler falls over

What are you tried and tested methods for turning tears into smiles following a toddler tumble?

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

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